News comment #4

For this weeks weekly news comment I have decided on an article that talks about the animals left behind in the California wildfire. I feel like this story is news worthy because the California wildfire is a big that has been in the news recently. This article lets readers become informed on not only what happened to the animals left behind but also tells readers what else is happening because of the fire.

One thing that I would critique about the article is that in the beginning the author does not say much about the animals, they talk a lot about what has happened and other things that are being affected by the fires. I feel like they should inform readers about whats happening but I think for this article the animals should be the main focus.

The audience of this article is anyone that has been following the California wildfire, anyone that lives in that area, and anyone that has been affected by this fire.

I feel like the lead is effective because the author gets his point across and is able to inform readers on what has happened to the animals and how people are trying to help those animals survive. I don’t think anything is missing from this article and the only thing I would change would be to start off talking about the animals more.

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  1.   fuglsang on September 21st, 2015

    You’re right, Molly. The headline suggests one thing, but to actually get to the animals you have to read about one-third of the article. That’s the headline writer’s fault, but if it was the reporter’s intent to focus on animals, he/she should have hit it in the lead.