News Comment 15 “The Democrats’ Medicare mess”

The medicare for all debate has recently become a hot button topic for many democratic candidates. With Sen. Sanders on the extreme side of the bill that as backed by Kamala Harris to abolish all private insurance companies. Whereas Sen. Warren has decided to take a more gradual approach to the topic which includes only moving into a medicare for all in her year three. This cautious approach is what cold have cost her 14 points in the polls. Many Democrats are for the idea of Medicare for all, but have no real clue or realistic plan to execute the bill.

This article written by Ezra Klein comes from Vox, a new site aimed at the everyday American. Overall this article has a lot of public interest especially discussing a topic like medicare. This has been a very polarizing topic for the past decade in politics, and has even ended campaigns. This article is also has a lot of prominence especially since it references several presidential candidates. And lastly there is a lot of timelines that this article has especially referencing Harris dropping out of the race.

One thought on “News Comment 15 “The Democrats’ Medicare mess”

  1. The Democrat candidates are making lots of promises that can’t be paid for and won’t be fulfilled. I’m not sure what the point of it all is.

    I hope you had a good semester, Kiki. Have a good break.

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