Americans Like Unions Again

The Catch-22 for Labor Unions Enjoying Newfound Public Support by Dylan Scott

This article published by Vox, a news site for everyone with stories ranging from politics to entertainment, talks about the growing support for labor unions. When the recession hit unions lost serious support that they are now regaining. Some say it might be due to the younger more liberal generation and also because the labor market is tighter. Although unions have increased support it doesn’t mean that people are joining the unions. According to this article the amount of people in unions are falling as time goes on.

This article is targeted towards those who are in unions, along with those who are not and have opinions on unions. I think that people who are in unions would find this article especially useful because it may mean good things for getting people to join their unions.

Overall I feel as though this article is unbiased because it sticks mainly to the facts. This article also shows both sides of the argument, and as to why support has fallen in the past.

About Tauna

It’s hard not to know who Tauna Mayhourn is. Tauna is one of the biggest social butterflies here at Morningside, involved in cheer, Mass Communications, and politics at Morningside. If you think she is busy here at Morningside you should have seen her in high school, “I was super busy in High School, and I am just trying to chill in college,” Tauna told me. Tauna is also a huge advocate for body positivity for both men and women here at Morningside. Tauna truly is a legend and has definitely made a name for herself here. 

Tauna was born in raised in Chicago and is the oldest daughter of her huge blended family. You can understand why she is such a social butterfly being one of twelve siblings. She stressed to me that growing up in Chicago is not like what it seems on social media and on the news. She told me that where she grew up in Chicago was the most fun and welcoming community. When asked why she chose to come to Morningside she told me that “I really just came here for the laptop,” and her mom need her to decide where she was going “so that she knew what school to put on the cake.”

Tauna is truly a gem, and one of the most unique and welcoming individuals that we have here at Morningside, and we are lucky to have her. 

Florida Nurses Told Not to Speak to Each other in Spanish.

This article published to, a news site for latino millennials, written by Yara Simon is about nurses who work at a federal clinic in Florida were told that they could not speak Spanish to each other in common areas despite being bilingual is required for the job because of the large latino population. The director of the hospital told the nurses that speaking Spanish was unfair to the 25% of patients who do not speak Spanish, because the exclusion of those who do not speak Spanish is unfair in a place of medicine.

This article was really good, it was short and sweet and straight to the point. The title was a little long and I think that it could have been more attention getting. I really liked how this article was very factual and for the most point was very unbiased. I also think that this article is very timely with all of the legislation that is happening right now in regards to immigration.