News Comment Nov 14

This article comes from the Washington Post which is a left leaning news source. This article talks about if college is really worth it anymore. This article goes into deep discussion on the return on investment for college students and their ability to pay back their student loans. This article stressed that students need to look more into what types of colleges they can afford to go to with the money and financial aid that they are provided.

This article is very interesting and is definitely a feature story. Meaning, it doesn’t really matter how timely this story is because it will be relevant for a long time coming. This article also holds some prominence discussing very famous and well known schools.

One thought on “News Comment Nov 14

  1. Why would you say WaPo is left -leaning? And is there a left side of college debt?

    The story explains the results of recent Georgetown Unversity study. If you linked
    to the study, it includes numbers for Morningside College. Are you curious whether
    you will get a useful ROI (return on investment)?

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