The Trump Impeachment

This article titled “Impeachment standoff: Trump sees ‘hoax’, Dems a stonewall” covers the recent Impeachment inquiry of President Trump. At a recent press conference with the president of Finland, Trump declined to answer whether or not he would cooperate with the House to produce requested documents. Trump also accused a reporter of being corrupt after pressing him with questions about Ukraine.

The article comes from the Associated Press, a news site that generally remains politically neutral and unbiased. Over all this article showed little no no bias and had the facts speak for themselves. President Trump is a very prominent person in the news, especially at this time during the current impeachment inquiry. Again, the impeachment inquiry is a fairly new development, so this article is extremely timely in covering the presidents thoughts on these proceedings.

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  1. You seem to be in an impeachment mode, Kiki. I’m glad you’re
    keeping up with developments. It’s an important story.

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