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Dec 07 2010

Local Reservists cooks up Freedom.

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“The Army runs on its stomach,” This one of several great quotes heard from 2nd Private Chris Bruning during a recent interview. Chris, a Reservist in Siouxland’s very own 960th Quarter Master Company led the way last year serving approximately 3,500 military members daily during “Operation Pacific Warrior” a joint Air Force/Army combat-readiness exercise at Fort Hunter Liggett.

Chris, a cook for both the Army and Family Table Franchise proclaimed to serving, “only the best whether it’s in the field or in the kitchen.” Adding with a smile, “floor spice doesn’t make it nice.” Both quotes a testament to the Army’s values instilled in PV2 Bruning as well as his own personal attention to detail.

An avid artist, the laid-back 21 year-old added, “cooking like art was something I was good at…whether it’s a meal or a drawing I always enjoy giving people my best.”  Sketches like the ones shown here are just a few examples of this local artist’s talents.

With no formal training, Chris mostly draws in his spare time.  Architecture is one of several subjects he wouldn’t mind looking into after serving his country.

With regards to that service, thousands of hungry soldiers at “Operation Pacific Warrior” gave praise to Bruning’s self-proclaimed “skill on the grill.” Each of the soldier and airmen were offered the optional choice of any flavor of MRE. Countless numbers of them stood in line daily, eager and thankful for Private Bruning’s culinary expertise. Three years left on a six-year contract and the possibility of a 2012 deployment don’t bother Bruning.  Other Siouxland families in PV2 Bruning’s unit have varying emotions about potential deployments. All involved though are preparing.

Having what two local residents deem “hilarious skills” this Certified Army Food Specialist gathers what he calls “…all kinds of common knowledge facts.  You never realize how useful it can be. I read The Handbook of Knots by Des Pawson last summer while fishing and reeled in a 12lb catfish.”

Last night, before work I came and helped a friend change her serpentine belt in the parking lot.” These anecdotes, both evidence of Private Bruning’s dexterity.  “Small town Iowa can get boring at times. What better way to enjoy an afternoon then fishing with a good book and a cold beverage? There’s so much you can learn from reading.”

All in all, PV2 Bruning hopes to excel in his role as a reservist saying, “I enjoy what I do.” He knows that if deployed patrolling dangerous streets and being far from home along with various other aspects, will be in addition to feeding the thousands of military members serving along side him.  Reinforcing that currently the 960th Quarter Master Company has no plans for deployment, the young private knows full well that political unrest in the Middle East and Korea is cause for concern. “Three years is a long time away and no one can predict the future.” With his rifle or with his meals, this Army Certified Food Specialist is a first-rate example of Siouxland’s very own Army of one.

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Dec 03 2010

Middle East kicks US butt.

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Qatar has been awarded the 2022 World Cup. Referred to as “…a triumph for spin over substance”’s article finishes that statement with “and leaves a black mark on FIFA’s already besmirched name.” The US made a solid push in their bid to host the World’s largest sporting tournament. In many minds, Australia was thought to be a close second choice for the event.

The US found that guarantees of a hugely profitable tournament, state of the art stadiums, and an unmatched  transportation infrastructure weren’t enough against the small Middle Eastern country. Why Qatar? Many are pondering that question right now.

With blazing heat well into the 100s during tournament time, only having one major city,  and the possibility of political unrest, fans have cause for concern. Hopefully Qatar will keep good on its promise of futuristic stadiums and lavish hotels, if not the World Cup may be doomed forever.

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Nov 19 2010

Superhero Saves Summer

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After drudging through several Batman, Spider Man, Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man sagas these past few years, finally one of my childhood heroes is coming to the big screen. Set for release June 17th 2011,  DC’s Green Lantern will hit the theaters with a bang.

The story is of test pilot Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds, who encounters a spaceship with a dying alien inside. The alien, who is part of an interplanetary police force,  gives Jordan a ring that can create out of light anything the mind can dream.

Unlike Batman and the other aforementioned heroes Green Lantern protects mankind against aliens, as well as crazed humans. Thus making him a hero for everyone. Additionally, his carefree nature makes him more appealing than the arrogant Tony Stark or aloof Bruce Wayne. Besides, who needs a cape when you have this kind of “bling” on your finger?

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Nov 15 2010

Drinking Story

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Audio story on underage drinking.

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Nov 15 2010

Fighting Sioux

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The 80-year old “Fighting Sioux” mascot of the University of North Dakota will be retired soon. After ruling it “hostile and abusive” according to the NCAA offered the school only two choices for the University’s Nickname. The first choice would be to retire it. The other option would be to have both the Spirit Lake and Standing Rock tribes approve the university’s request to keep it.

Although Spirit Lake gave written permission to UofND for it’s trademark logo, Standing Rock didn’t. Thus, the Mascot must be retired. Additionally other University clubs and organizations must rename themselves, the Soaring Sioux hot air balloon club being one of several.

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Nov 05 2010

A pictures worth 1000 words

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Nearly a week after reading that George Bush Jr. deemed Kanye West’s remarks the darkest time of his presidential career (Kanye was then quoted as saying Bush didn’t care about black people) he is back in the news defending himself over a photograph. In the photo Bush is seen overlooking Katrina’s destruction from Air Force 1. The photo which Bush referred to as a big mistake reinforced to some allegations that Bush didn’t act quick enough or fully grasp the severity of Katrina and it’s aftermath.

One major aspect of the story is that Air Force 1 didn’t even land in New Orleans that day. It merely flew over on it’s way back to Washington. Would a quick stop have really helped or hurt? That depends on who you ask, unless of course it’s Kanye West.

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Oct 14 2010

Term 5

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Iowa Governor nominee, Terry Branstad, spoke at Morningside College on Monday. The four time governor discussed a range of topics including “fiscal mismanagement,” education, unemployment, even a few anecdotes. Quoted as saying, “Culvert produced the largest budget in our poorest economic times,” Branstad often referred to incumbent Chet Culver, as well as the Democratic party and their mistakes.

The mixed crowd of “baby-boomers” and students proposed a variety of questions to the republican nominee. When asked about health care Branstad responded, “President Obama’s health care bill needs radical surgery.” Morningside student Ryan Tellinghuisen, “thought he focused on his grand-kids a bit much,” with regards to Branstad and claims he doesn’t like children. As well as his view that preschool is, “…not an entitlement.”

Miranda Christian, “felt a little intimidated by the older crowd,” and refrained from discussing abortion.  Although, same-sex marriage and unemployment were brought up. Support for home schooling and tax credits to employers who offer technical training tuition were other highlights of the afternoon.

As Iowa’s longest-serving former governor, Republican Terry Branstad is seeking his fifth term this November 2nd. By planning visits to other educational institutions, Branstad hopes to gain the confidence of younger voters. Having already been to Iowa’s 99 counties, he feels strongly that he advocates for all Iowans.  He also hopes that his proven track record will reflect in this years polls and help seat him for a fifth time.

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Oct 13 2010

Skate and Surf: A Guide to Winter Driving

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“I cried and almost pooped my pants.” The glaring semi lights quickly approaching. Her car sliding down the center of the highway out of control Traci Regennitter is lucky to be alive. Fortunately, counter-steering herself to safety seconds before impact.

Nowadays, Traci has an SUV for her winter commutes. Her Ford Mustang is stored for roughly $100 until mid-April. For most this isn’t an option. Traci’s advice “You have to winterize your vehicle.”

Wayne Monroe works for Mr. Tire and offered added advice. Wayne’s main point, “winterizing your vehicle is not only about the car itself. “ When I asked how much it would cost to get my car ready for the icy roads, “about $15 or $20” was his reply. A few calls to other shops confirmed Wayne’s service estimate.  Check tires, battery, heater, all fluids and wiper blades, a few of the inspections.

On January 15th, 2007 ran a story about winterizing your vehicle. The site offered ten tips. A well-serviced vehicle and, as Wayne mentioned, a well-prepared driver were number one.

Number nine on the list was to preparing an emergency kit. Having useful things such as blankets, extra clothes, and a small shovel seem obvious. On the contrary, keeping paper towels, sand and food (with hard candy being one of the articles suggestions.)

Additionally, number ten on the Today show’s list may save lives. It deals with knowing what to do if ever stranded. Why had hard candy made the emergency kit list? Sure hard candy wouldn’t freeze but it wouldn’t feed either. Consequently, it isn’t to sustain. It’s to keep your mouth from getting to dry.

Not wandering unless knowing where to go and wearing the extra clothes for warmth again seem common sense. Yet, would you ever think to leave a window cracked despite blistering winds outside? This, “so that snow and ice don’t seal the car shut.”

Keeping a full tank of gas, another beneficial tip. Most commuters are starving students, the last thing anyone wants to spend money on is gas. However, the alternative to that is a frozen gas line. That costly repair bill paling in comparison to the few extra bucks at the pump.

Here’s hoping you never feel like Traci did that day.  With a little luck and these helpful tips, you should skate right on through to spring with no reason to soil.

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Oct 08 2010

Dora “Explores” for Cash!!

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Today on Yahoo news was a story about the contract dispute between current Dora the Explorer voice, 14 year old Caitlin Sanchez, and Nickelodeon representatives. The suit, filed by Sanchez’s lawyer, claims that not only Nickelodeon’s execs but her own agent strong-armed her into signing the contract.

The terms “convoluted” and “inscrutable” were used by Sanchez’s lawyer to describe the current agreement. In it Sanchez is reportedly paid upwards of $5000 per episode. Certainly, not a drop in the bucket by today’s standards. However, lawyers feel it doesn’t compensate for the hundreds of recording hours and promotional appearances (where Sanchez receives a meager $40 per Diem.)

This mere peanuts compared to the $11 billion the Dora brand has grossed.  Had Caitlin and her parents explored the terms of the contract like her animated alter ego studies her treasure maps. Then perhaps, X would mark the spot where she refused to sign.

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Oct 04 2010

Sioux City Journal’s Future

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After listening to Thomas Ritchie, online director of the Sioux City Journal, one thing was clear.  Newspaper isn’t dying it’s redefining itself. I like most thought newspaper had lived it’s heyday. Mr. Ritchie came, and in 45 minutes changed my mind.

He stumbled through an extremely informative presentation. One, where I learned about engaging media. This meaning how twitter feedback guides news stories and tailors them to niche’ audiences.  He helped me understand that online news wasn’t  linear like it’s predecessor. I have read several online stories and never really thought about that.

The Sioux City Journal isn’t trying to make me buy a daily. That’s what grandparents are for.  Ryan, “..was confused.” and he should be. Ryan, I don’t think buys a newspaper. Although, I’m sure his parents have a subscription to one. That’s when I realized what Mr. Ritchie was trying to get across.

Ryan won’t have to buy a paper unless he wants to. However, he still needs news and goes online for it like I do. The journal is simply trying to be that place for news.

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