Oct 08 2010

Dora “Explores” for Cash!!

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Today on Yahoo news was a story about the contract dispute between current Dora the Explorer voice, 14 year old Caitlin Sanchez, and Nickelodeon representatives. The suit, filed by Sanchez’s lawyer, claims that not only Nickelodeon’s execs but her own agent strong-armed her into signing the contract.

The terms “convoluted” and “inscrutable” were used by Sanchez’s lawyer to describe the current agreement. In it Sanchez is reportedly paid upwards of $5000 per episode. Certainly, not a drop in the bucket by today’s standards. However, lawyers feel it doesn’t compensate for the hundreds of recording hours and promotional appearances (where Sanchez receives a meager $40 per Diem.)

This mere peanuts compared to the $11 billion the Dora brand has grossed.  Had Caitlin and her parents explored the terms of the contract like her animated alter ego studies her treasure maps. Then perhaps, X would mark the spot where she refused to sign.

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One Response to “Dora “Explores” for Cash!!”

  1.   fuglsangon 13 Oct 2010 at 4:10 PM

    I heard a bit about this on some TV show. Does the fact that Nick makes millions man that Sanchez should share in the success? Probably, though you’re right that if she had a decent manager/agent she probably wouldn’t be in this mess.

    Is this news only because it’s Dora?