Oct 04 2010

Sioux City Journal’s Future

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After listening to Thomas Ritchie, online director of the Sioux City Journal, one thing was clear.  Newspaper isn’t dying it’s redefining itself. I like most thought newspaper had lived it’s heyday. Mr. Ritchie came, and in 45 minutes changed my mind.

He stumbled through an extremely informative presentation. One, where I learned about engaging media. This meaning how twitter feedback guides news stories and tailors them to niche’ audiences.  He helped me understand that online news wasn’t  linear like it’s predecessor. I have read several online stories and never really thought about that.

The Sioux City Journal isn’t trying to make me buy a daily. That’s what grandparents are for.  Ryan, “..was confused.” and he should be. Ryan, I don’t think buys a newspaper. Although, I’m sure his parents have a subscription to one. That’s when I realized what Mr. Ritchie was trying to get across.

Ryan won’t have to buy a paper unless he wants to. However, he still needs news and goes online for it like I do. The journal is simply trying to be that place for news.

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  1.   fuglsangon 07 Oct 2010 at 12:40 AM

    A interesting response, Kevin, though not really written as a news story. You had the response that Thomas was going for, though.

    We need to talk about punctuation.