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Aug 28 2012

Johnny Knox and the questions he poses

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  After reading a recent article on the status of the Chicago Bears former up-and-coming star Johnny Knox  several questions  lingered:

1. Who replaced Knox on the depth chart and how was that person fairing?

2. All 32 NFL teams have trainers. Are they all certified physicians or simply overpaid ankle tapers without a real clue about injuries?

3. Knox is said to be recovering quickly. What is his workout regime? Having been basically ripped in half (as shown in the picture) does he really believe he’ll play again?

4. According to the Bears, Knox is on the NFL’s PUP list. What is that mean?

and finally…

5. What ever became of other notable players who suffered decimating injuries (i.e., Kevin Everett, Dennis Byrd, etc…)

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