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Oct 08 2010

Dora “Explores” for Cash!!

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Today on Yahoo news was a story about the contract dispute between current Dora the Explorer voice, 14 year old Caitlin Sanchez, and Nickelodeon representatives. The suit, filed by Sanchez’s lawyer, claims that not only Nickelodeon’s execs but her own agent strong-armed her into signing the contract.

The terms “convoluted” and “inscrutable” were used by Sanchez’s lawyer to describe the current agreement. In it Sanchez is reportedly paid upwards of $5000 per episode. Certainly, not a drop in the bucket by today’s standards. However, lawyers feel it doesn’t compensate for the hundreds of recording hours and promotional appearances (where Sanchez receives a meager $40 per Diem.)

This mere peanuts compared to the $11 billion the Dora brand has grossed.  Had Caitlin and her parents explored the terms of the contract like her animated alter ego studies her treasure maps. Then perhaps, X would mark the spot where she refused to sign.

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Oct 01 2010

Bear Down

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After an 0-4 preseason, I thought my favorite team was done. In the weeks leading up to this years NFL season no-one was talking about the Chicago Bears. All the hype was over Tim Tebow, and the New York Jets. Few if any websites were even mentioning the Bears. Why is this relevant to mass communication?

Because, in the weeks leading up to the regular season shows like HBO’s Hard Knocks: Jets Training Camp and Tim Tebow fever had swept the nation. As a result, on July 7Th of this year Tebow’s  jersey sales were #1  and the Jets were being featured (whether good or bad) on all mainstream media.

Today however, the Bronco’s stink and Tebow’s jersey sales are now reflecting that. The Jets, media headliners just weeks prior, are today page two news. Teams like the Chiefs, Steelers, and Bears are dominating Facebook talks as well as headlines and cover stories.

Looking at today, two of the four headline stories are about my beloved Bears, whereas recently as three weeks ago the Bears didn’t even make the bottom page blog. This past week, Devin Hester’s punt return touchdown appeared as Yahoo’s lead video.

I guess winning really does cure everything. Go Bears!!!

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Sep 20 2010

Generation Y – Footin it?

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Today I learned that generation Y has become somewhat of a concern for the automobile industry. Though no immediate crisis is eminent, Automakers are keeping a close eye. “Gen Yers” now the biggest generation in U.S. history, are trending away from viewing automobiles as “status symbols.” This, in addition to Baby Boomers turning 65 next year where car purchase age drops-off sharply, has manufacturers raising an eyebrow.

The article shows “Motorists aged 21 to 30 now account for 14% miles driven, down from 21% in 1995.” As a result, I wonder if advertisers can change that over the next decade?

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Sep 14 2010

I’m to Sexy for the Jets…

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Hallelujah, football season is once again upon us. Unfortunately, it isn’t all good for the New York Jets. Ines Sainz has replaced the F* bombs on HBO’s “Hard Knocks/ New York Jets” as the teams number one controversy with her accusations of sexual misconduct by Jet’s coaches and players.

First and foremost, I do not condone their behave at all. Notwithstanding, I do feel that Ms. Ines, a reporter for the Mexican television station TV Azteca, should present herself as a professional if she wishes to be viewed as one.

During an interview on the Joy Behar show, Ines was quoted as saying, “…I always focus on doing my job professionally….” However, after googling Ms. Ines I found zero professional pictures of her. In fact, of the nearly 60,000 pics offered 80% are of Ms. Ines in scantily clad outfits, bikinis, or naked.

Likewise, Ms. Ines the self proclaimed, “hottest reporter in Mexico,” once even wore a wedding gown to interview Tom Brady in hopes of purposing to the Patriots quarterback.

Granted I’m all for women’s rights, but if I walked into a woman’s locker room wearing a Chip&Dales outfit I’m pretty sure no one would take me seriously. Respect is earned, not given. If you want to be taken seriously Ms. Ines, lose the hooker boots and booty shorts and try asking ESPN’s Hannah Storm for some advice.

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Sep 03 2010

Enjoy the Silence

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Though, not exactly front page news, I recently spied an article on a political debate involving Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. The article wasn’t so much about what was said, but what wasn’t said. Brewer, no stranger to prime time television, spent approximately the first 16 seconds of her time in awkward silence. After fumbling for a few more seconds , with an occasional stutter,  she delivered a vague and seemingly unprepared performance.

The aftermath of her “humanness” as she put it opened the floodgates for  bloggers who attacked everything from her outfit to her wrinkled appearance. After a little research, I found that her approval rating had dropped 4% in the hours following the event. Many today feel that the Kennedy era was built on charm, good-looks, and charisma rather than overall qualification. However, in Brewer’s case the opposite seems to be the reality.

Perhaps, future candidates should take notice of Governor Brewer’s stumble.  Simply utilizing mass media isn’t enough, one must prepare and understand it as well.

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Aug 27 2010

Introducing DJ Battiato

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Imagine going up to grab a pass during your “All-Star” senior season. Your team is down by six,  scouts and scholarship offers  are everywhere. You land, ball in tow and both feet inbounds only to hear “…your immune system can’t differentiate between normal body tissue and foreign substances…you have Crohn’s disease. I’m sorry.”

Say hello to DJ Battiato.  DJ, a sophmore, from Lincoln, NE lives this lifestyle with a smile. Whether he’s doing community service work at the local YMCA or retreating back to Lincoln for the big game and the parties, DJ is always in route.

My advice to you would be to get to know him soon. That is, if you can catch him.

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