Nov 15 2010

Fighting Sioux

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The 80-year old “Fighting Sioux” mascot of the University of North Dakota will be retired soon. After ruling it “hostile and abusive” according to the NCAA offered the school only two choices for the University’s Nickname. The first choice would be to retire it. The other option would be to have both the Spirit Lake and Standing Rock tribes approve the university’s request to keep it.

Although Spirit Lake gave written permission to UofND for it’s trademark logo, Standing Rock didn’t. Thus, the Mascot must be retired. Additionally other University clubs and organizations must rename themselves, the Soaring Sioux hot air balloon club being one of several.

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One Response to “Fighting Sioux”

  1.   fuglsangon 16 Nov 2010 at 4:27 PM

    What’s your comment, Kevin? Is this news? Is this a warning for other programs? The Seminoles, maybe?

    Morningside went through this. The Sioux logo has been under siege for some time. The last I heard a huge athletic donor (his name is on the hockey stadium) said he would give no more money if the school changed mascots. I wonder if he has changed his tune.