Dec 03 2010

Middle East kicks US butt.

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Qatar has been awarded the 2022 World Cup. Referred to as “…a triumph for spin over substance”’s article finishes that statement with “and leaves a black mark on FIFA’s already besmirched name.” The US made a solid push in their bid to host the World’s largest sporting tournament. In many minds, Australia was thought to be a close second choice for the event.

The US found that guarantees of a hugely profitable tournament, state of the art stadiums, and an unmatched¬† transportation infrastructure weren’t enough against the small Middle Eastern country. Why Qatar? Many are pondering that question right now.

With blazing heat well into the 100s during tournament time, only having one major city,  and the possibility of political unrest, fans have cause for concern. Hopefully Qatar will keep good on its promise of futuristic stadiums and lavish hotels, if not the World Cup may be doomed forever.

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  1.   fuglsangon 05 Dec 2010 at 8:10 PM

    The sports folks seem to be worked up about this.

    Not doomed forever. Would make Qatar and the selection committee look bad, though. I don’t suppose you remember all the heat the IOWC took after it was discovered they took bribes. That came out during the winter olympics in Utah.