Angry- end review

Senior year. The year where everything is supposed to be smooth selling, all your hard work is about to pay off. BOOM. Coronavirus. 

I didn’t know what to expect from my senior year of college. I would just imagine going to all my classes, getting to go out with my friends, going on spring break, go to sporting events, and just simply enjoying my last year in college. The normal activities a senior would do.

That all changed when coronavirus hit. I will not get to experience what the past seniors underwent. And that makes me angry. 

It is no one in particulars fault that this happened, it is just bad timing. 

Instead of doing all those activities, we have to suffocate in masks, stay 6 feet from each other, and try not to be in large crowds. I never in a million years thought this is how my senior year would go. 

Not only do I feel bad for the seniors, I feel bad for the freshmen. This is the year where freshmen learn who their friend group is, go to your first college party, stay at the cafe and talk, and hang out and play games in the lobby of the dorm hall. 

With coronavirus, it is hard for people to meet new people let alone make friends with them. People also are not allowed to gather to mingle so it makes it hard for them to get out of their shells and encounter the “college experience”. 

I think it is essential for college students to get to encounter things that they normally wouldn’t experience on a daily basis at home. This is the time for us to find people we can relate to and be ourselves. 

These things are all very difficult to do, due to the coronavirus. This situation has made me angry in 2020.

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