Holidate Review

Holidays can be hard if you are the only one in the family that doesn’t have that special someone.

Sloane (Emma Roberts) is tired of her family always committing how single she is, and how she needs to find that special someone. Inline to return Christmas gifts at the mall, she meets Jackson (Luke Bracey). They start talking and both of them realize they don’t have dates for New Year’s Eve.

They both come up with this wonderful deal that they will be each other’s dates for the holidays so they will won’t lonely and stop having people bug them about being single. They decide it will be easier to just have a date for the holidays instead of going on actual dates and worry about commitment and the baggage that comes with an actual relationship.

This film reminds me of a typical Hallmark Christmas movie with more rated R sense to it. If you like a good, funny rom-com this is for you!

I would give Holidate a 3/5.

If you don’t have a date for the holidays take notes while watching, this movie might be helpful! 😉

To get a good glimpse on the basic of the movie 1:03-4:04.

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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    There’s a sweet spot for reviews, I think. Too much info and you’re likely to give away too much. Too little and there’s not much reason for a review. This is on the Too Little side, Katy. Plus there are a couple things missing. First, I’m assuming this is a Netflix thing (I think my wife watched it). Also, you should send some time on the elements that work, and those that don’t. I can’t tell from the review WHY you gave it a three instead of a four or five.

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