What if your abusive husband is a cop.

August 31, 2020


There are two main characters, a husband named Matthew and a wife named Jessica, and they have three kids. The husband is a cop and he is very passionate about is a job. As a husband, he is very controlling of his wife and she has to ask permission for everything she does.

The narrative of the story starts off with the wife’s background talking about how Jessica did not grow up in a stable home and she lived with her step-grandparents for most of her life. Then she met a boy ( Matthew) in high school and she felt the love that she never has never felt before. Before they finished highschool Jessica found out she was pregnant. She finished high school online. After high school, Matthew went into law enforcement.

As time went by Matthew was very controlling of Jessica and wouldn’t let her do much without his permission. Jessica had an affair and became pregnant again. People think it was an excuse to get out of the toxic relationship with Matthew. But Matthew told her that they will work it out. Shortly after they got married. As the marriage went on people said that Jessica has told them that Matthew has hit her. Later on, Jessica caught Mattew cheating on her with a lady he was working with…

One day at the store Jessica and Matthew got in an argument and when they got home Jessica was going to take the dog on a walk but then there were gunshots and Jessica was passed out in the closest unconscious. Matthew shot her. After he shot Jessica he made a sense looking like Jessica committed suicide and called the cops.

A few days later of Jessica in the hospital woke up and all she could remember was trying to take the dog for a walk. She says that she did not try to commit suicide and that she doesn’t even know how to use a gun. During this time Matthew moved in with his mysteries and got to take the kids with him.

After a few months went by Matthews’s girlfriend broke it off with him because he was controlling and weird. Shortly after he started dating someone else and this relationship did not last long because he was controlling.

Jessica finally got half custody of her boys. One day she called Child Services because the oldest told her that Matthew beat him. After that Jessica got full custody and moved away.

Jessica is now happy and married to a man named Jacob. They live in a nice little house and had a baby. They have a healthy relationship while raising their kids.

I think that this story is mostly true. I think there are some things that aren’t completely true and there are some missing pieces but overall I think this story is true and people still today are still dealing with this problem.

News story and 5 additional feature stories.

August 26, 2020

I picked a story from the NYT stating this year is the most important time for kids to get the flu shot because it is likely to get the flu and coronavirus. I think this story is interesting because the story talks about how getting the flu shot will help the hospitals not be overwhelmed with sick patients because people are less likely to get sick.

Feature stories:

1.) Talk to parents who are against vaccine shots and see their viewpoint on the flu and the coronavirus.

2.) Talk to pharmacies where they give the flu shots to see how/ if they are going to prepare for more people wanting the flu shot due to the coronavirus.

3.) Talk to a health specialist to see what the statistics are for people getting both coronavirus and the flu at the same time.

4.) Ask hospitals if they are preparing for more people to be sick and coming to the hospital due to not getting the flu shot.

5.) Ask parents what their thoughts are with their kids going back to school and if they are going to take their kids to get the flu shot.

For a feature story, I would pick two of the stories because I would want to know what people would say. I would pick the “Talk to parents who are against vaccine shots and see their viewpoint on the flu and the coronavirus. I would pick this one to have two sides of the story for both sides of the issue to be interested to read.

I would also want to write about “Ask parents what their thoughts are with their kids going back to school and if they are going to take their kids to get the flu shot.” I would like to write about this topic because parents are just as scared if not even more scared as the kids when they go back to school let along in a world pandemic. I think all parents would relate to this so it would draw in a lot of parents. Also, I would like to see their insight about the coronavirus and also to see their thoughts on the flu shot.


August 25, 2020

1. Will we have to wear a mask for the rest of our lives?
2. What is all in the ocean?
3. Why are we writing these questions?
4. What am I doing with my life?
5. Why do people turn down the radio in the car when they get lost?

What is a story and why are they important

August 25, 2020

A story can be real or fake to entertain and inform people. I think we need stories to entertain and relate to people. Stories help people understand the situation that is taking or took place. Depending on the story it can make people feel things and make them mold decisions based on that story. You can also learn things from people telling you stories.

Overall, stories are important in everyday life so people can relate, inform, teach, learn, and have relationships with people.