News Comment #11

October 31, 2018

News Comment #11

Katy Hackworth


USA today said that herbicide has been found in over a dozen cereals and snack bars. Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup was found in 26 of the 28 products. This story was very easy and interesting to read, because USA put the scientifically words in the article that no one would understand and put it into words that make since. Also its lead was very eye catching because it said something about cancer- linked herbicide has been found in dozens of cereal and cereal bars.

Leonardo DiCaprio

October 30, 2018

Leonardo a UN Messenger of Peace protrude his thoughts and experiences about Climate Change to United Nations.

“You are the last best hope for Earth” Leonardo DiCaprio said when giving the speech to United Nations about climate change.

Leonardo has been all around the world seeing how climate change is changing the natural balance of our planet. “All that I have seen and learned on this journey has terrified me.” said Leonardo.

“There is no doubt in the world’s scientific community that this a direct result of human activity and that the effects of climate change will become astronomically worst in the future.” Leonardo, believes that our planet cannot be saved unless we leave the fossil fuels where they are.

Climate change is happening faster than scientists warned us about years ago. “Climate change is an impending disaster for living things.”


Broadcast story lead – Leonardo spoke forcefully for the planet today


News comment #10

October 24, 2018

Katy Hackworth

News comment #10


The Titanic is coming back. People are remaking the exact replica of the Titanic. This news story was very interesting to read the format of the news story made it even better. gave back ground of the original Titanic and how it worked. Then gave pictures showing what the old Titanic looked like inside along what with what the new version of the boat. After the new version of the Titanic is built the will take the same route that the first one did.

Science Scavenger Hunt

October 23, 2018

Researchers found that not getting enough exercise is just as bad as other heath risk that is associated with death. Not exercising could be more deadly than smoking, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Dr. Satjit Bhusri said “Its size, its outcomes, and its future impact on preventable heart disease is enormous.” “We are made and meant to walk, run, exercise, get moving. By doing so we regenerate new fresh new cells, cleanse out toxins, and rebuild broken parts.”

The American Heart Association recommends to exercise at least one hundred fifty minutes per week of moderate exercise or seventy five minutes per week of hard exercise to keep your heart healthy.

Thats the CBS news of the day, back to you Ross.




Media Comparison/ News Comment

October 10, 2018

Good Morning America’s news videos main message is that La Croix is using dangerous ingredients. La Croix advertises that their ingredients have no sugar, no calories, no sodium, and only natural flavors. La Croix big fight against the lawsuit is that in the rule book “all natural” is not defined. CBS news article focuses more on the lawsuit, saying that La Croix’s company uses artificial ingredients are used in the drink, which is advertised at “all natural”. When viewing both sites about La Croix, both Good Morning America and CBS show La Croix cans for the top of the pages. Both leads are similar CBS talks more about the lawsuit side of the situation and Good Morning America talk about the potentially dangerous chemicals and ingredients inside La Croix. Both stories had mostly the same information such as that La Croix is falsely claims that it is 100% all natural. I think what is interesting about reading and viewing both sites they had the same order of content to their story line.



Story/ Article #2 Final Draft

October 8, 2018

Katy Hackworth

Story/ Article #2

Final Draft

There are more than twenty varsity sports offered at Morningside College. Each student athlete at Morningside has gone through some kind of recruiting process to be apart of Morningside athletics.

Alisha Steckler and Dakota VanHauen, two Morningside coaches, as well as Morningside athlete, Samantha Stark, talk about how recruitment is a team process, individual to each athlete, and different at every school.

“The recruiting process changes every year” Alisha Steckler, the dance coach, continuously hits is the importance of a team. Alisha use to be the dance coach at Briar Cliff University. A major difference between Alisha noticed between Briar Cliff’s and Morningside’s recruitment process is that it is a team effort. Unlike Briar Cliff, Morningside’s admission team is very helpful through the recruitment process. If Alisha really wants an athlete on her team she can side with admission to see what they can do to make a difference to help get the athlete to come to Morningside. When Alisha recruited at Briar Cliff she had to prepare the process and figure out how much scholarship money she can give the athlete without anyone helping her. Working as a team is very beneficial when it comes to recruitment.  

Getting to know the athletes  you want to recruits essential. Dakota VanHauen is the Cheer coach at Morningside college. He sends out emails to over 200 people every two weeks, after receiving lists from admissions, to get to know each athlete and give out information about everything Morningside cheer team has to offer. Dakota also goes to college combines and high school competitions to set up a booth for athletes to come and talk to him about Morningside cheer and to get the word out about Morningside.

After athletes become interested, Dakota invites athletes to come and be a part of game day with the actual cheer team. “I like the athletes to have a feel what the atmosphere is like and to see large crowds, and seeing the difficult stunts we put up.”

Dakota said if he really wants someone on his team he contacts them every week to check in on them and their process on finding a college. Dakota likes to set an individual meeting up with the athlete to gain a relationship. Dakota says “It is really hard to get in contact with high school seniors over email or phone if you have no relationship. Once you gain that relationship they are not scared to contact you back”

Samantha Stark is a dancer at Morningside. Before committing to Morningside Samantha was interested in Briar Cliff’s dance team because she liked the coach, which was Alisha Steckler at the time. “I just really liked the coach and how nice she was. I could tell she was passionate about dance, and cared about her athlete’s every time I talked to her over phone or email.”

Once Alisha was offered a job at Morningside Alisha had to reach out to Samantha and recruit her to come to Morningside. Samantha, then visited Morningside and decided she liked Morningside’s campus, faculty, and atmosphere better once she visited. Samantha was happy with the decision she made and glad Alisha recruited her to dance for Morningside college.

News Comment #7

October 3, 2018


Nebraska is 0-4 in the 2018 season. Fans are blaming Nebraskas football coaching. Nebraska defensive coordinator Erik Chinander said he needs to coach better and give his players more tough love. “Sometimes loving you harder is hugging you and telling you how nice you are, and sometimes it’s putting my foot in your rear end and telling you the truth,” Chinander said. “We need to get some things fixed. They’re getting there. I know no one wants to hear it, but it’s not an overnight process. Everybody wants us to win right now and win big. It’s just not where it is right now.” put that quote as the main message of their story. I think this was great choice of quote to start the story with because it brought the story to life. The coach was defending his team against his fans. It made me want to keep reading and see what else he has to say about the subject. I am not even a Nebraska fan.



Pastor Andy Nelson

October 2, 2018

Pastor Andy Nelson wants to help grow faith in students at Morningside College.

Andy grew up going to church, he has always had a spiritual background. He has always been passionate about public speaking and learning about his personal  journey in his spiritual world. “I had a lot more questions questions about faith so I decided to lean more towards ministry” Andy believes Christianity has something to say to the World.

Andy is a Lutheran Pastor, and first year full time Chaplin at Morningside College. He loves that he is known at Morningside and that he has familiar faces around campus. Andy is always trying to find ways to connect with students. He says it is hard to find ways to host activities and connect with students schedules being so busy.

His favorite thing about his job is when students come into his office and sits down and talk to him about pretty much anything such as; where students are headed, whats next in life, relationships, family. He says that his job is to listen to students and to make sure they have a friendly face to talk too. “I want them to feel that I am here to listen to and care what they have to say”

A big hurdler in his job is people thinking he judges them if they don’t have a spiritual background. Andy’s mission is to help grow faith in students. He likes to find new ways to show people what faith looks like.