Venmo- Final Draft

“Just Venmo me.” A common thing you hear now when people don’t want to do a separate the bill.

Venmo is an app that enables sending money easily to friends, family, and strangers. You do not need a credit card, wallet, or have to worry about cash. All you have to do is download the Venmo app and connect your debit card to it and you are good to go.

“Venmo is a very quick, convenient way to transfer money to whoever I need. Everything is just at my fingertips”, said Payton Leavitt a Senior at Morningside College.  “I also like going on Venmo after a weekend sometimes just to see who people were hanging out with and what they were doing but the descriptions of the transfers.”

This app is also like a social media platform. When you send money to your friends you put a description of what the money is going to. Your friends can scroll through the app and view people’s activities. (As shown below.)

Venmo allows you to pay and request money from friends. Users can have fun while doing the exchange of money by using emojis to describe what the payment is for. It takes the awkwardness out of asking back for money for paying the tab at the bar, or vise versa. 

“I use Venmo at least three times a week”, says Morgen Maher. “I think it is a fun easy way to transfer money to someone because of the little emojis you put on the message, and I don’t have to worry about cash.” 

If you have a lot of transfers coming through to you then you can sign up for a Venmo debit card. This is a covenant way to access your money so you do not have to keep transferring money to your account. 

“My Venmo card comes in handy a lot when I go out and only want to spend a certain amount. Or when people send me money and I don’t have time to transfer the money to my bank account I just use my Venmo card.” Said Morgen 

A lot of people ask what is the difference between Venmo and Paypal,  Venmo is restricted for personnel use and can be used as a digital wallet or a social media feed which is why more younger people like it because it is what they are used too. Paypal is normally used by businesses and charges fees for transactions. 

Hannah SIbbel, another Morningside College senior doesn’t have a Venmo account. “I always say I need to make one because that’s really all my friends use but I never get to it. I always get scared hooking things up to the bank account that I am not sure of and leaving me with uncertainty.”

Venmo’s target audience is 18-34 years old. This age frame is used to everything being convenient and having at their fingertips.

You can sign up for a Venmo account without having to hook up your bank information on the app. If you do thins you cant make transfers from your bank the money will just stay in your Venmo account. 

Venmo is a huge trend right now for millennials. Left your wallet at home but want to go out to eat with your friends? That’s okay just transfer money from your Venmo to your friends. Your friend forgot to pay you back from a night out? Request money on your Venmo to remind your friend. “Just Venmo me.”

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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    Being able to look into what people are doing seems like a serious invasion of privacy. How can that be right?

    I may be dumb, but I’m still not clear on why this is a useful thing. This sentence in the fourth graf confuses Me: It takes the awkwardness out of asking back for money for paying the tab at the bar, or vise versa.

    So someone pays for something, then sends an emoji to someone to be reimbursed? Or are they just sending out the emoji so the world knows they bought popcorn? Is there any information that people will not share on the internet? (Insane old man rant follows?)

    I like what Sibbel adds. Are there others who have had issues with the app?

    Covenant should be convenient. Other proofreading as well.

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