Sketch #1

Topic: What is college student’s concerns while attending college during the COVID19 pandemic.

Many people have mixed reviews on the coronavirus. When working at the library I will sit back and watch people to see how they act, if they sit close to people, and if they will wear a mask. I will also ask a couple of students about what there thoughts are on COVID.

People I’m going to interview:

  • Senior, Emma Schmitz
  • Senior, Hannah Sibbel
  • Junior, Lauren Kipp

Topic questions:

  • Do you feel safe when going to class?
  • What are the biggest challenges have you faced going to college while in a pandemic?
  • Do you have any worries about your future because of COVID19?
  • What can Morningside College do differently regarding COVID19?

One Response to “Sketch #1”

  1.   fuglsang Says:

    As I said in class, this is a story idea, Katy. We will practice with scene setting and anecdotes in class. I do like the idea of using your library observation. It might be possible to compare this year to last year: fewer people sending less time in the Spoonholder.

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