Abby Sitzmann transfer from UNI her junior year of college. She hated being away from her family and friends. When she was at UNI she didn’t seem to click with anyone and she was not involved in anything. She would go to school during the week and come home almost every weakened.  Abby begged her mom her sophomore year to transfer to Morningside college 30 minutes away from her home town Kingsley Iowa. Her mom told her she had to stay at UNI for her first two years. Abby is now a senior at Morningside college and she cannot be happier. She is a captain of the cheer team, in multiple clubs, and has found life long friends.

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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    This is information you will want to include in your profile, Katy, but it’s not an anecdote.

    One anecdote you could use would SHOW “happy.” How do you know she’s happy? How do you know it’s because she’s at Morningside? Maybe describe a moment at cheer practice when she shows her happiness. When she interacts with other cheerleaders/friends.

    An anecdote is a way to help readers get insight into the person being profiled.

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