News Comment #12

In this story it talks about how Ian DavidĀ  was the gunman who shot over 12 people at Thousands Oaks in California. Ian David was 28 years old and served in the marine corps. This story was organized very good. It didn’t give too much information about what happened right away. They didn’t tell who the suspect was till the second paragraph. Which pulled me in to read more. Later on in the story I really liked how they described when they were talking to the sheriff how is voice was cracking when he was talking to the reporter. When they described the sheriff’s voice it was like I could actually hear his voice cracking when reading the qoute.


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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    When we were talking about features the other day I said the inverted pyramid style was not the best for including description. It can be done, though, in small bits. Sometimes just a word or a phrase that allow readers to engage emotionally with a story.

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