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Good Morning America’s news videos main message is that La Croix is using dangerous ingredients. La Croix advertises that their ingredients have no sugar, no calories, no sodium, and only natural flavors. La Croix big fight against the lawsuit is that in the rule book “all natural” is not defined. CBS news article focuses more on the lawsuit, saying that La Croix’s company uses artificial ingredients are used in the drink, which is advertised at “all natural”. When viewing both sites about La Croix, both Good Morning America and CBS show La Croix cans for the top of the pages. Both leads are similar CBS talks more about the lawsuit side of the situation and Good Morning America talk about the potentially dangerous chemicals and ingredients inside La Croix. Both stories had mostly the same information such as that La Croix is falsely claims that it is 100% all natural. I think what is interesting about reading and viewing both sites they had the same order of content to their story line.



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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    They are very similar stories, Katy. Both have the allegation, and both have LaCroix’s denial. At this point, since i involve’s a lawsuit, neither side is able to say a lot.

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