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Violence in Media Questions
March 15, 2015, 1:45 pm
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2. Jones believes that many more are helped by this violence then hurt. He uses examples of parents pushing against a kids violence to just make them want to do it more. There is also the instance with the girl who was one of the most successful in her class despite listening to rap lyrics. Her classmates were actually the ones doing drugs. He states that aspects of everything can be helpful in some sort in people’s lives. People really want kids to succeed and make things out of their lives. Jones is preaching tools here that would indicate they would. She also can connect with others through her own personal experience. She even acknowledges that bad that can be but looks towards the good that can happen so she is perfectly optimistic.

4. We all need socialization factors to influence us and especially if we don’t have physical presences. There always needs to be someone to look up to. I take respect above a lot of things. I look up to ball players who have it all but still show respect and recognition for others. Rappers have preached to push for your dreams which has heavily driven me.

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TV’s Affect on Life
March 12, 2015, 12:05 am
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2. She first makes a connection that TV is like a drug. She then says it makes people go on like zombies with the drug and not getting what is really going on. They don’t care unless they have this “drug.” I can really see how this connection would work between drugs and TV but I think she could use more description in her comparison to make it more blatant. She lists all the downturns at the end in which your life would go through. She could make a parallel here to drug addiction though to really hit a dark note. The last part is great with love being sapped of its medium. She just kind of uses most of what she has already said and did not go radically in a new direction to jump out at us.

4. I think in many cases technology can defiantly strengthen and profess family values that we need. It’s all on the family though. They need to do things together. Like anything, togetherness builds bonds. If you played a sport and your parents just asked you about it without going or helping you with it, there would be no connection. I do also believe in the power of themes in technology that show us values, and happenings that we can do and relate to.  I admit that TV can also hinder efforts of togetherness though so people must at least try to be together in these times. My mom and I have a DVR so we tape and watch things together. We critique and joke about shows in parallel as they play. This is active connections that you need.

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The Big Break of 2015
March 9, 2015, 10:48 am
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Not to say that I didn’t enjoy my spring break, but it really wasn’t filled with a ton of headline events. I enjoy the simple things. I hooked up with a couple of my friends to do some usual, wacky things. I filled up on homemade goods courtesy of me all break. The big give here was that I actually knew what was in what I ate. The one thing that stood out among the other things was seeing my hometown school’s team go to state for boys basketball. For the most part though, the rest was a true break of just rest. I did have time to get sick though but I am coming in prepared and charged to make a run at the end of the year!

My break wasn’t expected to be the big hoorah people usually plan out. I needed to get away from the stress of college and my break certainly fulfilled that. Just being home is the big reward of this challenging semester.  Getting sick and going back with homework to meet me this weekend really was a downer though. This did little to diminish the experience of being around friendly faces, family, and friends to see every day. It sure has made me yearn for summer to come! We all can sure say that with the little taste we got. It may have been one of the biggest things to “shine through” that went well on this break. I do not regret and I definitely think this  break worked out the best I could have hoped for.

To have an up toned vibe of a break, I suggest you embrace the simple things in life.

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Speech Reflection
March 3, 2015, 6:56 pm
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A. Probably the hardest part about making this speech and the hardest thing overall was to put the right things in to backup what I was trying to tell the audience. I wanted to be strong and get my audience to “feel” where I’m coming from. I also then had some trouble remembering all the cliques I was going to use. I think that the gestures, eye contact, and other visual cues were the easiest to put together since they were true to me and what I believe. The biggest change in view came from writing my paper so when I got to my speech, it just emphasized all my thoughts on business advertising.

B. I think that a lot of what I did during my speech lined up with what I was hoping to convey. I could have stretched the pathos out more in my intro story though. My gestures were stronger than I expected and I had pretty good eye contact. I feel that I used like too much and did not notice that as I performed my speech. It may have been nerves. It would also have helped if I could have cracked a go-lucky smile every now and then to be more warm.

C. I should definetely work on relaxing. It would also help my cause to take my audience into account with certain cues to connect with them. I need to cater to their likes.

D. I think one of the biggest things to skew how the speeches went was a firm topic and purpose in thesis. Some people just had a comparison with a vague idea of why they wanted to compare them and what we were supposed to get out of it. I think that speeches with the strongest evidence presented left little question of their objective reached. Taja and Mara’s speeches brought this out very well.

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