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First Year Studies Reflection and C and C Paper Review
February 6, 2015, 7:44 pm
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1. Writing has taken up a cozy little spot in my mind. Since I have taken my first year seminar class and started writing for college, it has become a vital part of my life. Not just that though, writing also helps me explore the complexities of my mind so I really do enjoy writing. In a way you write about yourself a lot, which could mean qualities, language cues, or just the literal take on yourself.

2. Probably the biggest new take I got on writing from first year seminar was how it can be interpreted in so many different ways by all different people. This is why a message can be really skewed sometimes. You need to make yourself clear but it also means that it can really impact one person through your message and maybe not others. As I mentioned before, writing can also help you understand yourself better by, pretty much, pouring out your soul on paper.

3. I hope that C and C can better help me vocalize my feelings and make stronger connections with my audience. It was hard at times to connect in my first year seminar class but I feel that this class can have a better vibe. I want to also be able to prepare speeches that people can really follow and genuinely see the reasonings and emotions that I want to present by telling them my thoughts.


First couple sentences:

This will be about how businesses work to make you fell “fuzzy” about their advertising.

Rest of first paragraph:

VanderMeer was in the business of making people feel good about taking part in their business. Smiles and friendly service made sure of that. This is supposed to create that good vibe of personal connection in businesses.


Second paragraph:

Personal, closeness with local businesses was common in my hometown of Le Mars. This was shown through sponsorships, local owners, and basic word of mouth between people like on Facebook. Local businesses make a big effort to connect with people.

Third paragraph:

Big businesses can be personal too. They can have localized products, or owners. They also can have people talk them up and employ locals too. Coupons are used too with ads. Big businesses have methods of advertising that are similar to small businesses.

Fourth paragraph part 1:

Big businesses use key words and local people in their advertising to give it a family-like feel.  Businesses use real people and not actors often to make you feel about them.

Fourth paragraph part 2:

Home computers could also be called personal computers so designed just for you. This gives another personal take away from food.

Fifth paragraph:

Big companies have small business beginnings and may use that history in their advertising. This makes you see big businesses more down to earth.

Last paragraph:

Big and small businesses provide unique products and advertising that gets you on a personal level. They also give and take from eachothers’ ads. This part brings back the connection of both types of businesses from being separate.

The first part draws people in. The next two are a comparison of how I have experienced both types of businesses locally. The next few paragraphs show you how big businesses can appeal to pathos too. The only part on local businesses gives it that pathos connection, which comes a lot stronger. You could probably organize the last three paragraphs in any way you want but the first couple are the intro which work together well. I feel like it would really weaken the overall writing if you switched the first part anywhere. I could look to add more for local businesses but I think, as I observe this, my main point is actually to give big businesses their due.




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