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Speech Reflection
March 3, 2015, 6:56 pm
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A. Probably the hardest part about making this speech and the hardest thing overall was to put the right things in to backup what I was trying to tell the audience. I wanted to be strong and get my audience to “feel” where I’m coming from. I also then had some trouble remembering all the cliques I was going to use. I think that the gestures, eye contact, and other visual cues were the easiest to put together since they were true to me and what I believe. The biggest change in view came from writing my paper so when I got to my speech, it just emphasized all my thoughts on business advertising.

B. I think that a lot of what I did during my speech lined up with what I was hoping to convey. I could have stretched the pathos out more in my intro story though. My gestures were stronger than I expected and I had pretty good eye contact. I feel that I used like too much and did not notice that as I performed my speech. It may have been nerves. It would also have helped if I could have cracked a go-lucky smile every now and then to be more warm.

C. I should definetely work on relaxing. It would also help my cause to take my audience into account with certain cues to connect with them. I need to cater to their likes.

D. I think one of the biggest things to skew how the speeches went was a firm topic and purpose in thesis. Some people just had a comparison with a vague idea of why they wanted to compare them and what we were supposed to get out of it. I think that speeches with the strongest evidence presented left little question of their objective reached. Taja and Mara’s speeches brought this out very well.

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