The Psche of a Runner

Jesse Nitzschke take 1
August 30, 2014, 3:33 pm
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It’s a brand new day! That’s how I would like to start off my blogging intro every time because people have a hard time coping in this world but just need to take in this simple reminder to as an emotional cue for a bright day! Hello my name is Jesse Roy NITZSCHKE. That’s with a Z and an E at the end. This way we start this off right getting my name down. I began my narrative born and raised in Le Mars, Iowa. I have much pride for my hometown and cherish the memories along with the people who enriched me. It has changed a lot in recent times, for better or worse, but it still helped bring me to be here today. I had a lot of questions about what I wanted to do and what kind of person I wanted to be in my dawning years of high school. In the end though, it was simple. I wanted to help people. Seeing my counselor often my last few years and always seeking advice lead me to a revelation. I want to help kids like me and be a high school counselor! This brought me to my current major, psychology. I will eventually be discussing the ironies and complications of being a runner through the eyes of a psych major. One huge thing to know about me also is that I LOVE America’s game, baseball! I could write a chicken noodle soup for the soul novel of how to be a baseball fan. I have a racing scholarly mind with a focus on baseball, comics, history, Star Wars, and glory days daydreams (childhood). I proudly declare myself a try-hard because I just treasure and enjoy playing a multitude of sports with a passion. In the end, we all need family because they are the last line of defense in life. When all goes wrong, they are the roof over your head to keep you protected even in the worst of storms. Despite my family being often far apart, I still visit them as much as possible. As a matter of fact with the travel I do to see family, I am a stop and smell the roses kind of guy. Whether it is participating in a food eating ambush or doing something strange, I think traveling is awesome! This is just a fragment of my identity for I am a crazy, easy-going person if you can believe that so I would encourage getting to know me more. My hopes with taking this class, is that I can bring out more of my identity and learn to articulate myself in my writing. I feel a good vibe in the atmosphere of Morningside for this year and my teachers are quirky in their own masterful way…. I think this year is going to be a great one and something special!

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