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Violence in Media Questions
March 15, 2015, 1:45 pm
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2. Jones believes that many more are helped by this violence then hurt. He uses examples of parents pushing against a kids violence to just make them want to do it more. There is also the instance with the girl who was one of the most successful in her class despite listening to rap lyrics. Her classmates were actually the ones doing drugs. He states that aspects of everything can be helpful in some sort in people’s lives. People really want kids to succeed and make things out of their lives. Jones is preaching tools here that would indicate they would. She also can connect with others through her own personal experience. She even acknowledges that bad that can be but looks towards the good that can happen so she is perfectly optimistic.

4. We all need socialization factors to influence us and especially if we don’t have physical presences. There always needs to be someone to look up to. I take respect above a lot of things. I look up to ball players who have it all but still show respect and recognition for others. Rappers have preached to push for your dreams which has heavily driven me.

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