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TV’s Affect on Life
March 12, 2015, 12:05 am
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2. She first makes a connection that TV is like a drug. She then says it makes people go on like zombies with the drug and not getting what is really going on. They don’t care unless they have this “drug.” I can really see how this connection would work between drugs and TV but I think she could use more description in her comparison to make it more blatant. She lists all the downturns at the end in which your life would go through. She could make a parallel here to drug addiction though to really hit a dark note. The last part is great with love being sapped of its medium. She just kind of uses most of what she has already said and did not go radically in a new direction to jump out at us.

4. I think in many cases technology can defiantly strengthen and profess family values that we need. It’s all on the family though. They need to do things together. Like anything, togetherness builds bonds. If you played a sport and your parents just asked you about it without going or helping you with it, there would be no connection. I do also believe in the power of themes in technology that show us values, and happenings that we can do and relate to.  I admit that TV can also hinder efforts of togetherness though so people must at least try to be together in these times. My mom and I have a DVR so we tape and watch things together. We critique and joke about shows in parallel as they play. This is active connections that you need.

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