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First Year Seminar Self-Evaluation
December 4, 2014, 10:24 am
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I feel like it would be a stretch for any student to be able to fully backup a grade of an A in a class but I do believe I have earned that distinction. There were dark, cold times here in class where the mood was dead and people were tired. I put myself out there in these times to be as peppy as I could and stimulate the atmosphere of the class. I was able to show this kind of attitude because I came to class almost every single day with an expertise of our material through prior study. In the same way, I also was on top of the work we did and often turned the assignments in plenty early. I took advantage of out of class time for more effort into my writings, which would strengthen my overall attitude as well. I put emotion and personality out there for others to see and give a reason to discuss. This was not just to do well in the class but because this class brought up topics to which I connected to. It made it easy for me to want to get involved. My vision was completely focused on the class when I entered the threshold of the room. I did not let distractions overtake me. I can attest to an intangible that I felt I had in this class. I feel like I was motivation for others to see the value in this class. I can admit to missing one class but otherwise took in all my time here with utmost respect and attentiveness.

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