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Broadcast #2: Shooting

Yesterday Laurette Brunson, 38, was shot in the abdomen by her husband Richard Brunson, 50, only three hours after their wedding.

The shooting occurred around 5 pm on Black Street. Richard Brunson used a .22-calibre handgun to shoot his wife after she threw a plate of macaroni salad at him.

The couple had been living together in the house where they were married for four or five months before the incident.

Relatives and friends said that they were surprised by the shooting. Neighbor Michael Martin said “I’ve never seen him violent. Never heard them yelling. It blows me away.”

Laurette’s three children were present during the shooting. Another neighbor, Walter Corse, was near the house during the incident.

“I heard the sound of the shot, or I think I did. It was kind of a ‘pop pop pop’ and then the son came out yelling she’s been shot and can’t breathe.”

A neighbor called the police, but Richard Brunson was gone by the time they arrived. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Mrs. Brunson is in satisfactory condition at St. Luke’s Hospital.

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  1. fuglsang

    You have more of a “hard” print lede, Mari. Step back a bit and get my attention first. Basically, “Hey did you hear this?” Then the news. You could re-write what you have a bit. “A bride is in the hospital after being shot by her husband three hours after their wedding.” Then report who and how.

    Use full sentences for your attribution (rather than the hesitation). “Neigbor Michael Martin had this to say.” The Corse attribution is better.

    OK on organization.

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