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News Comment #9

I chose to write my news comment on an article from the New York Times titled “Inside a Secretive Group Where Women are Branded.” This article details an inside story about a secret sorority based from a company named Nxivm (pronounced Nex-e-um). This group was made up of a woman, known as “Master,” and six of her “slaves.” To be able to join the group, each “slave” was required to give collateral to the group to be used as blackmail if need be. The group was run as a secret organization in order to uplift women and potentially swing election results, but in actuality was only used to promote obedienceĀ in women.

This piece connects back to our Journalism class by being classified under the News Value of bizarre/oddity. This story details a secret society where women are branded against their own will. In a world filled with many things women fear, this organization adds to it. Nxivm is a company that uses fear and control to make men and women alike obey the founder, while also exposing them of their indiscretions. This is news because this company is dangerous, and gets people’s attention.

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  1. fuglsang

    I read a bit about this today. I put it in the “cult” file and moved on. You’re right that it is is bizarre. It didn’t catch my interest and I’m not sure why.

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