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News Comment #6

I chose to write my news comment on an article from the New York Times titled “Julia Louis-Dreyfus Has Breast Cancer.” This article detailed the fact that Louis-Dreyfus announced her diagnosis on Thursday, September 28th. The actress, a six-time Emmy winner for her role on the show “Veep” stated that there are many women a day that find out they have breast cancer, but today it was her. It does not detail anything about the severity of the cancer itself or the treatment, but that she has a large group of support behind her.

I chose to write about this article because the lede is backed up in the beginning by some quotes from Louis-Dreyfus. The second paragraph ends with a quote from here that says “today, I am the one” that shows that today she was the one diagnosed with cancer. She is accepting her diagnosis and moving forward because it was her and not someone else. Whether the author placed this quote here to show that she is strong, or thankful that it wasn’t someone else, or for some other reason doesn’t matter because the quote itself is so powerful is showing acceptance, and also follows up the lede.

Campus Nutrition: The Real Deal


                  College campuses across the country are notorious for their calorie-driven, starchy food content and their limp vegetables. Though most cafeterias keep their students full and fed, they often aren’t offering as many nutritional options as they should be. According to USA Today College, many students that live and eat on campus are not even eating one serving of fruits and/or vegetables when it is recommended that they should be consuming between four-and-a-half and five servings per day. The food that is offered to students, such as many choices of pizza and exuberant amounts of pasta, often overshadow the smaller, less appetizing portions of fruits and vegetables. It becomes easy in situations such as this for students to “put healthy eating aspirations on the back burner” and forget their eating options. As well as students being unmotivated in choosing healthy options, fresh fruits and vegetables are much more expensive to buy and provide when trying to feed a campus of thousands of hungry mouths. With college education expenses rising, many students are less inclined to pay more money for fresh foods when they could be putting the extra cash towards their tuition.

                  Students, especially incoming freshman, have obtained a type of food insecurity within their college campuses. Access to nutritional food is always waning, and many students report that their campus cafeterias are one of the causes of their food insecurities within the last thirty days. Food insecurity has also been linked to housing insecurity which also correlates with education efforts, which are usually harmed. College campuses are becoming more notorious for their “lack of reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious food,” and this continues to be an alarming cause in housing and educational insecurities according to The National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness. Without access to nutritional food on college campuses, most students’ educations also begin to falter. Nutritional food is a necessary ingredient in the growth of college life.

                  College kitchen staffs are tasked with the large responsibility of prepping and preparing meals for thousands of students between two to three times per day, including weekends and some holidays. Receiving fresh ingredients on an everyday basis in the amounts necessary to produce enough food for the entire campus is an almost impossible job within itself. While preparing this food, these kitchen staffs are tasked with “the important responsibility of…[providing food]…in a nutritious, thoughtful manner” all at a cost that is affordable to the common college student according to the Cornell University Blog Storying the Foodshed. While it is the choice of most college students to eat healthy foods, it also comes down to the fact that the kitchen staffs don’t have the resources to provide many healthy, appealing options. Campuses cannot provide students with fresh, healthy options daily thus making it a struggle to eat foods high in nutritional value.



I chose this article, titled as “Hurricane Irma, One of the Most Powerful in History, Roars Across Caribbean,” as my example that has a good lead. It uses phrases such as “a trail of chaos” and “wreckage and flooding” to draw the reader in and appeal to currency and psychological tendencies. This piece is also a human interest piece, so the lead mentions the fact that the storm will soon be tormenting Florida. It mainly appeals to the emotions of the reader and the fear that is brewing throughout the country.

Morningside’s Students

Chelsea Hernandez, a Morningside College Junior and a Mass Communications Major, stated that she chose to attend Morningside mainly because she loved the small campus and the people. She moved to Sioux City, Iowa from Laguna Beach, California, a 1652.4 mile move, to pursue her college experience.  She graduated from El Toro High School before her great move across the country.


Unlike many of the other students at Morningside, Hernandez is not involved with a sports team on campus, but is pursuing a career in Public Relations. Being so far from home, and no where near the coast, there are very limited opportunities for her to participate in one of her favorite summertime activities: surfing. Her family lives along the coast in California, and along with surfing, she enjoys taking roadtrips up and down the coast of her home state with her brother and cousins. She also enjoys working with her dad at his Photo Booth business during the summer when she is back home.


It seems that Hernandez has plenty of travel under her belt, and when asked what her favorite place that she has visited so far is she answered Mazatlan, Mexico. There, in 2014, she was able to go zip-lining through the jungle. Though she is afraid of heights, Hernandez stated that the activity itself did not make her afraid and the idea of soaring through the air towards the ground made all the difference.


Hernandez is just one of the many students on Morningside’s campus that is bringing life and new culture to the student body.