The feminist movement is “building an unstoppable current” in the world today according to Emma Watson during her speech at One Young World. The Harry Potter star and UN Messenger of Peace believes the rise of the gender equality movement is at an all-time high and is “as important as any of the other goals” that are at large.

One Young World is a UK based charity founded in 2009 dedicated to gathering the “brightest young leaders from around the world” and empowers them to make lasting changes.

This organization is about leaving behind the individual and embracing what a group can accomplish together, just as Watson was speaking about finding her tribe. She said that she found a “sisterhood; a brotherhood,” her tribe, where she could work with a group to enhance the world.

Watson’s speech was honest and emotional. She laughed before beginning her speech out of disbelief about having the ability to call herself an activist, “a word [she] never imagined that [she] would use to describe [herself].”

Watson goes on to describe the fight for gender equality as being a factor that “intersects with every single other issue we face.” Feminity and masculinity energies are within everyone and need to be “lifted up, respected” through the world.

Feminism isn’t a one time deal. Watson, quoting Bobby Kennedy, said that “each time a man or women stands up for an ideal…he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.” These ripples cascade into currents that can fight against oppression.

Watson said that these ripples must be made by people of all ages, races, experiences, etc in order to overcome oppression. They must come from a tribe.

This tribe, activists in their own way like Watson, must consider her seven questions:

Am I willing to

be seen?

speak up?

keep going?

listen to what others have to say?

go forward even when I feel alone?

go to bed each night at peace with myself?

be my biggest, best-est, most powerful self?

These seven questions “scare the absolute shit” out of Watson herself, but they are what she sees a tribe must accomplish in order to work together for the good of all. Especially the good and installation of gender equality.