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News Comment Week #10

I chose to write my news comment on an article from the New York Times titled “A Half-Century Later, Documents May Shed Light on J.F.K. Assassination.” This article details that the 25 years waiting period on the release of the final 1% of documents on the J.F.K. assassination is coming to an end on today. Many people in the public are excited to finally hear the rest of the story and facts about the assassination and Oswald, while many others have created conspiracy theories detailing the idea that Oswald was not working alone. Though government officials (and the official story itself) believe that Oswald was working alone, the general public still creates and believes conspiracy theories about Kennedy’s death. Because a number of documents that are going to be released are significantly small, many officials are warning the general public to not get their hopes up.

This article connects back to out Journalism class by way of original broadcasts of the assassination. Kennedy’s death was one of the first major events to be televised in homes around the country, and today it has circled back to again be the talk of the United States. The article itself is incredibly long to be created into a broadcast, but the information could be shortened and repeated to a viewer. It is national news because the original story affected many people still alive today, and this resurgence¬†is bringing it back.

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  1. fuglsang

    Considering this story is 60 years in the making, it could have been much longer. Kennedy’s assassination was an early example of TV bringing the country together. People were infront of their sets for updates, and for the funeral.

    I am one of those who is skeptical that Oswald acted alone.

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