Lead Exercise Stories

1. Local Fire Fighter Falls Out of Tree While Rescuing Cat

Bob Harwood of the local fire department got hurt this week while out rescuing a cat that was stuck in a tree.

Harwood climbed a 50 feet oak tree to save the cat. 15 feet to the botton, Harwood fell due to a dead limb that broke under him. He was taken to St. Lukes hospital where he is doing “just fine” despite a broken left leg.

As for the cat, she landed on top of Harwood and is safe and sound at home with her owners, Suzanne and Samantha Decker


2. AlarmsĀ at Northeast High School

Between false alarms and food fights, Northeast High School is experiencing an unrest last few weeks before summer vacation.

Last Wednesday, the alarms were pulled 3 times by disgruntled students. These students were in protest of the suspension of 5 other students on Monday for smoking marijuana in the parking lot. There were 10 students involved in the false alarm issue and were all suspended. These suspensions were followed by a cafeteria-closing food fight on Tuesday.

Principal Laura Vibelius stated that these incidents were caused by general unrest, saying, “Not so much unrest because of suspensions, but because of summer vacation being so near.” With this, she expects no more incidents in the near future.


3. Streets Shut Down Due to Gasoline Spill

A Texaco gasoline truck overturned, flooding the sewer lines and causing streets to be closed and houses to be evacuated.

The accident occurred on 48th street and Correctionville Road. The streets and ditches were flooded and sewer lines were affected two blocks around.

Flushing the gas away took around 2 hours. During that time, 4 families were evacuated from their homes because of sewer line gas and cars were rerouted using side streets.

Fire Chief Charles Hochandel stated, “The firemen followed catastrophe and hazmat procedures set up beforehand for just such an occurrence.”

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