Weekly News Comment #8

This week, I read an article from The Huffington Post titled, “Why Cornell’s President Wants Students To Put Down Their Phones And Get Some Sleep.”

The headline originally caught my eye because, as a college student, I wanted to learn more about the President’s idea on the correlation between phones and the amount of sleep a student gets. It makes sense that getting enough sleep is important, but it was a topic I could relate to.

The lead says, “If Cornell University President Elizabeth Garrett hears someone say they get only three or four hours of sleep a night, she’s not impressed.” This was not a good summarization of what the article is about.

The first section talks about students at universities thinking of the person who gets the littlest amount of sleep as the “winner.” It talks a lot about different sayings regarding this on campuses and does not bring up anything about Cornell or its President. It then starts off on a new topic about sleep patterns being related to mental health.

Finally, in the last few paragraphs, they talk again about why Garrettt is making it her goal to combat these issues. ¬†And in only one paragraph is it brought up that students should “unplug” from their phones and contact face-to-face instead.

Overall, I think that this was an interesting article and topic. Especially since it is something I can relate to in some ways. I think that the order of the information given should have been moved around to make the information that was said to be given in the headline and lead pop out better, instead of leaving it to the very end.

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One thought on “Weekly News Comment #8

  1. Your analysis is good, Courtney. The story organization is not that
    bad, but the headline and the lead do not accurately represent
    what is in the story.

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