Weekly News Comment #4 – America’s Heartbeat and Our Stethoscope

This week I read an article titled, “America’s Heartbeat and Our Stethoscope.” This article was in response to the beauty pageant contestant who wore her nursing scrubs and stethoscope on stage during the talent portion to talk about her job as a nurse. Following this, the ladies on The View publicly made fun of this girl for doing so and questioned why she was wearing a “doctor’s stethoscope.”

The author used this article to inform readers and the public what doctors and nurses do by making it clear that nurses are very important in the medical field – thus calling a stethoscope a “doctor’s stethoscope” is incorrect.

This topic is definitely newsworthy and educating the public on a nurse’s intense job duties is important; however, this article did not explain the story enough. The headline is not going to mean a lot to anyone who has not yet read the story. The lead is intriguing, but it summarize what is in the rest of the article.

I personally agree with the author’s feelings on the matter and the points she made make sense. She did make it very clear that she was upset about the comments that were made. These feelings turned what she wrote more into a rant rather than a story. More information should have been given on what was said on The View and the consequences that came from their comments.


Link to original article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kateri-allard/joy-behar-nurses_b_8142516.html

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  1. Yes, this is an opinion piece. So the lead will be different. It will be more like a C&C essay — making an argument — than a news piece. This is actually closer to a letter to the editor. You’re correct that HuffPo could have given the article more context by linking to the stories that inspired it.

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