Quotes and Attribution – Don Juan

John Dodge and Don Cooper make up the band Don Juan and are here to talk about their journey and their future as musicians.

Dodge, guitarist and singer songwriter, confirms that they “will be recording this spring.” He and Cooper have been singing together for about three years now and are confident that people will be hearing their work by the end of summer.

One of their biggest accomplishments as Don Juan thus far is a show they did in New York with Jackson Browne and James Taylor. According to Dodge, “James has been a fan for a while and Browne turned into a real solid supporter.”

When creating their material, Dodge emphasizes that they do not settle “for anything less than the best.” Cooper explains that the drive for their new music comes from the emotions and experiences they have when out on the road touring.

Before forming the band, Cooper admits that he did not think he could really make a living doing what he really loves. He decided to “be an English teacher just in case.” After three years, Dodge finally put his happiness first and started doing what he is best at; making music with Don Cooper.

Staying positive and working through the bumps in the road is worth it for these two.

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