Weekly News Comment #1 – Is Journalism Obsolete?

In this article, author, Mathew Ingram, tells the truth behind Dave Winer’s statement “Journalism itself is becoming obsolete because now anyone can do it”. Going into further detail, journalism is not going away, but expanding. It is no longer just those who write for a paper or report for the local news, but anyone who has information on a story and communicates that information to an audience.

In the modern world, new gadgets and tools emerge every day and the fact that journalism is emerging and changing with us only makes sense. Social media has a huge influence on today’s people. While getting all of the information about a topic from social media alone can be dangerous, it is also a good place to get the raw, unedited truth and opinions. Plus, just because a user tweeted a new finding on a news story does not mean that a popular newspaper is not going to report on it as well, thus showing that journalism is expanding rather than going obsolete.

In a sense, this article somewhat argued with itself. The title being the question “Is Journalism as We Know it Becoming Obsolete?” was answered to be true by the author; however, the question asked at the beginning of the writing was “is journalism itself becoming obsolete?” Overall, they summarize that journalism is not going away, but changing and expanding, answering yes to the first question and no to the second question.

There is a lot of focus and detail on the positive side of journalism becoming something that can be done by almost anyone. Some insight on the negative effect these changes can and are going to have on current journalists could have been used to help the reader decide their opinion. While there is not a lot that can be done to stop the change, both sides should be fully represented.

Overall this article was interesting to read. It gave a lot of facts, opinions, and stories regarding the change. The topic is also very relevant to everyone, as journalism a big part of life whether the person be giving the information or receiving the information.


Link to original article: https://gigaom.com/2011/09/02/is-journalism-as-we-know-it-becoming-obsolete/