Snack Cake Description

As I unwrap my twin pack of fall party cakes, the clear, plastic wrapper makes an unavoidable crinkling noise.

The red, yellow, and orange sprinkles on top of the chocolate frosting give a festive vibe to a classic snack. I grab the first snack cake and my fingers make indents on the warm frosting and the squishy cake underneath it.

As the first bite is taken, the smooth frosting starts to melt and the sweet, yellow cake feels dry and starts to crumble. There is a more airy chocolate frosting between the layers of the cake on the inside.

The explosion of sugary sweetness and powerful chocolate icing is something that will be satisfying to a dessert-enthusiast, but possibly overpowering to those who lack a sweet tooth.

One thought on “Snack Cake Description

  1. I like “festive vibe.” Even though it’s subjective, it’s helpful.

    The last graf needs more show. Give examples that support
    your claim.

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