Stuart Scott Accepts Jimmy V Award

Stuart Scott preaches hope and inspires the ability to fight on for what is important in life when it comes to hardships.

At this year’s ESPY’s, sportscaster Stuart Scott accepted the Jimmy V Award and gave a very moving speech about his journey.

When learning he would be presented this award, Scott thought back to other past recipients. To those he has even presented the award to. He stated that intellectually, he got it, but at the gut level he did not think he belonged with these people.

The remainder of his speech proved that he did.

He explained that life’s journey is about the people that touch us. He encouraged everyone to always keep fighting. “I’m not losing. I’m still here. I’m fighting.” He stated that fighting is the most important part and when you are too tired to fight, lay down and have someone else fight for you.


Towards the end of his speech, he stated, “to be honored with this award, I have a responsibility to not give up.” He then made it personal by saying he can not give up because he can not leave his daughters. The emotional appeal was strong and the closing hug between Scott and his youngest daughter enlightened the importance of having support and the will to keep fighting.

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