Weekly News Comment #7

This week, I read an article from the Huffington Post titled, “Oklahoma Reportedly Used The Wrong Drug In A January Execution.” The sub head for this article was “After receiving the first drug in the lethal injection series, the man being executed said, “My body is on Fire.””

Overall, the headline and subhead is what got my attention on this story. When it says that the wrong drug was used, it made me want to know what was used and what happened. The quote given from the man being executed made the story seem more real. It made me want to know what was done about the drug mix up.

The lead is not very eye-catching, but it gives good, straight forward information and also links the reader to the original local newspaper article that the Huffington Post got its information from.

They start in the first body paragraph by stating what the mix up was. It then continues in following paragraphs to give supporting information on how the situation is being investigated.

Overall, the information was organized well and the article quickly got to the point.


Link to original article 

One thought on “Weekly News Comment #7

  1. The lead is straight forward, and an indictment of Oklahoma.
    But is being “wrong” the same thing as being “cruel and unusual”?

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