When given a list of descriptive words, Payton Miller scanned her way through the list and decide “argumentative” was the best word to describe her.

Miller says that she enjoys hearing other peoples’ opinion on a variety of subjects and then promptly arguing for the other side.

“When people argue their side, they either show their ignorance or teach me something new” said Miller. Since she is a moderate, Miller does not overly agree with either side of most common arguments so she is able to argue, or learn, about both sides of the argument.

Though she does it often, Miller noted that she does not really get anything out of arguing other than a little entertainment or the occasional gain of knowledge.

It is easy to see Miller sampling this trait of hers by examining her behavior in any of her various classes; especially if she is talking to one Caleb Lubbers, whom Miller mentioned she enjoys giving a hard time to.

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