News Comment Week 3

September 7th, 2021 | Uncategorized |

I found this story interesting because it talked about the changing landscape of power in the NFL and gave insight to some of the biggest football stories of this past offseason. This is newsworthy to NFL fans because if a team’s quarterback gets in a dispute with the team, like the examples in this story, it could easily lead to a given team losing their starting quarterback. I liked that the author of the story never hinted at what he thought or whether the quarterback was right in his opinion, but instead just gave an inside look on why players felt the way they did. I do believe the story could have been more effective though if the author talked more about the Deshaun Watson situation because Watson is currently receiving money from the Texans, but is not going to play week one of the NFL season or for the foreseeable future. Of course there are other legal factors affecting Watson’s situation, but driving home that Watson threatened to sit the season out if he was not traded and now he is actually going through with it shows how serious a situation similar to this one can be.

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