News Comment Week 15

December 2nd, 2021 | Uncategorized |

The article I found this week is about the Seattle Seahawks signing veteran running back Adrian Peterson. Seattle is hoping the 36 year old running back is going to bring a spark to their beat up backfield. Peterson only spent minimal time on the free agent market after being waived by the Tennessee Titans only one week ago. Though Peterson has not been elevated to the 57 man roster yet, head coach Pete Carrol is excited about the signing.

I personally like the lead of this story, it was simple and to the point. Though I might change one or two things about the wording, it was a good lead. As for the organization, the story first talks about Peterson’s recent career, then goes on to sample the Seahawk’s running back woes. I personally think these two topics would make more sense if they were flipped. First talk about the reasons why Seattle took a chance on Peterson, then talk about what Peterson had done prior to this season. Since that order of importance comes down to opinion, I think the story was overall well written and interesting.

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  1.   fuglsang

    Peterson is still playing!? I am surprised. So, no discussion of him whipping his kids? I guess that’s all over.

  2. Excellent analysis, Rachel. A delayed lead, that is. It succeeds with a plot that isn’t particularly current but aims to paint a portrait of Trump. And for the simple reason that Trump’s use of Twitter has been crucial to his success as a candidate, I would think it’s news.

  3. Another great post to learn and apply

  4. I personally think these two topics would make more sense if they were flipped.

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