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Thursday December 13th 2018



What Would You Do If Trump Was President?

By Derek Krayenhagen–With campaign season in full swing we are getting a glimpse into who may eventually be running our country. This brought forth an interesting question: “what would you do if so and so won the election?” And, in this election cycle, the most talked about candidate is Donald Trump.

Trump has been extremely “outgoing,” for lack of a better word, in his presidential campaign. “The Donald” is reputed  to say what’s on his mind and doesn’t stray away from controversy. This has rubbed many people the wrong way and some aren’t sure on how they would feel about Trump running our country. So here is what some people are saying about “The Donald” as President.

Senior Corporate Comm Major Channing Pick, when asked about if Trump won the election said, “I’d stab myself.” After a brief moment of thinking Pick decided a more politically correct answer was necessary.

“If Donald Trump were to become president I don’t think I would do anything. Because, honestly what could I do? I think Trump will have a hard time getting stuff done because he is not popular in the House–mostly compromised of Republicans,” said Pick. “That being said, I will be disappointed that the American people think that he would be the best leader for the U.S.”

Junior undeclared Casey Johnson had a much different opinion of Trump taking office.

“If Donald Trump was elected president; I wouldn’t be too shocked. As a Republican, I would actually be happy,” said Johnson.  “Aside from my Republican views, Trump has the power and the guts to take charge and make the changes America needs. He obviously isn’t afraid to speak his mind. We need someone like that.”

Finally, I spoke with Joan Mansfield, the Administrative Assistant for the Mass Comm Department, who I hoped with her experience would give a different outlook on things since I had spoken with two younger adults.

“I don’t know enough about the guy to have an honest opinion. I will care more when it gets down to the last two. At that point I will figure out who the lesser of two evils is and they will have my vote,” said Mansfield.

There you have it, three very different outlooks on the same question. It just goes to show how important information is to some people compared to others.

Pick and Johnson both had political arguments compared to Mansfield who had no real opinion on the matter right now.

So what do you think of Donald Trump’s Candidacy? This election is definitely an interesting one and it will be exciting to see which man or woman ends up running our country.