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Friday November 16th 2018



MAC NACA Finds New Events to Bring to Campus

Diane Nguyen– The MAC Team is back from NACA (National Association of Campus Activities). Don’t know what NACA is? Check out this article.

During the three days at NACA, the MAC Team watched showcases, booked performers, attended educational sessions, and represented Morningside College. There is a plan when going into NACA. The plan was to keep ‘What’s On Wednesday’ and ‘Funny Friday’ going.

What’s On Wednesday is MAC’s once a month event, where a featured musician plays over the lunch hour in Buck’s. MAC plans on keeping student performers play for What’s On Wednesday, along with booked NACA Performers.

Funny Friday is MAC’S once a month event, where a featured comedian comes and performs on a Friday. There will be no rebooks from this year (Fall 2015-Spring 2016) coming next year (Fall 2016-Spring 2017). Everything will be different. Comedians booked include: Eric O’Shea and Chloe Hilliard.

Something else MAC was looking into, was to see more performers that students don’t normally see on campus. For example, MAC is trying to go from two slam poets a year to at least three a semester. While from at least 1 magician a year to a magician per semester. Magicians we have booked for next year are: Mike Super and Kid Ace.

Here are some additional statistics on MAC activities for next year:

57 Showcased Performances

13 Booked Performances

6 Educational Sessions

3 Magicians

4 Comedians

3 Slam Poets

2 Educational Sessions

1 Musician

And many other events (in limbo) to bring back to campus and to help make MAC a better organization.