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Saturday October 20th 2018



Student Musician Learns How To Overcome Injury

By Rachael Arnts–What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. A Morningside musician has put band on hold for over a year due to an injury, yet has found a way to still be active in Fine Arts.

“I really enjoyed playing flute. I never thought I would get a scholarship for it, and I wanted to play all 4 years. Now, I’m bummed,” said student Kelsey Brenner.

In the fall of 2014, Brenner came to Morningside on a scholarship to play the flute in the concert band and the revived marching band.  After only one half-time performance under her belt, she had to sit out for most of the semester due to a sudden shoulder injury.

“I was sitting in First Year Seminar and I felt like I needed to stretch my right shoulder. I barely stretched it and pain instantly shot from my hand to the base of my neck.” Brenner described.

Her sharp pain lasted and became very irritating. Brenner ended up in a sling and was unable to participate in concert band and marching band for most of the Fall semester and all of the Spring semester.  The pain has continued into the Spring semester.

After a year of doctor’s visits and unanswered questions, an operation was performed on Brenner’s shoulder this past December. An entire bursa sac was removed from her joint. Two bones spurs, actual bone from the shoulder blade, and material that would have later formed into arthritis were all removed as well.

Determined not to lose her scholarship, she  willingly volunteers in different Fine Arts events to stay involved. She has helped coordinate a flute master class with a worldwide-known composer between Morningside and the Sioux City Symphony. Currently, Brenner is helping out with behind-the-scenes work with the theater on campus. She has been helping build sets by painting and measuring out wood. By volunteering with these projects, she is able to keep her music scholarship.

If and when her shoulder recovers, she would like to go back to performing in the band. Brenner believes that this whole experience has taught her how to be a tougher person and how to make the best of things.