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Tuesday October 23rd 2018



Retirement Series: Glenna Tevis

By Emily Domayer–Glenna Tevis, Director of Graduate Studies, is retiring after 30 years at Morningside.

Dr. Tevis, a Sioux City native, graduated from Morningside College in 1970 with a degree in early childhood education. Bruce Forbes was one of her classmates.

Tevis returned to Morningside in 1983 to serve as the director of the child care center on campus. The center was located in the first floor of what is now the Plex. The center cared for approximately 30 children, including children of faculty members. The program at the care center was specially designed in collaboration with the Area Education Agency to care for children with disabilities.

About 15 percent of the children cared for at the center had some kind of disability. Morningside students in child psychology classes visited the child care center to observe the program, which was considered a model for caring for children with disabilities.

Dr. Tevis has kept a large scrapbook from her seven years as the director of the childcare center. She pulled the scrapbook from a closet shelf and proudly displayed photographs documenting the children’s activities and the caregivers assisting the children. The pictures were a testimony to the fun times had by all at the care center.

In 1990, Dr. Tevis transitioned to a new position as the Director of Graduate Studies. Her duties include  scheduling courses and student advising. This term, there are about 1,000 students enrolled in graduate studies programs. The 75 graduate courses offered at Morningside are all education classes.  This fall, all graduate classes are going to be online. Since Dr. Tevis has been the director of the program, the number of staff has increased from three to 12.

Janice Peterson, the Graduate Studies secretary said she will really miss working with Dr. Tevis. Dr. Tevis’ colleague, Darby Young, joked that Tevis “used a typewriter when she got her doctorate.”

Dr. Tevis has many memories from her career at Morningside. In the spring of 2010, she had foot surgery and lived in the Alpha Omega Pi hall for a few months. She found it to be an interesting experience. “Campus security picked me up in a golf cart,” she recalled with a laugh.

The Dean of Graduate Studies, Michael Fitzpatrick, praised Dr. Tevis for her dedication to the department. “Her perspectives have helped build the program to what it is today.” He also remarked that she is “extremely tech savvy for a digital immigrant,” referring to her transition from the pre-computer era.

When Dr. Tevis first started as Director of Graduate Studies, long distance learning through the Iowa Communications Network technology was new. Dr. Tevis was the first person to teach a class at the Western Iowa Tech ICN room.