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Saturday February 25th 2017


Pineapple on Pizza: Disgusting or Delicious? Pineapple on Pizza: »

(2.24.2017) By Lindsey Smith--In recent news, the President of Iceland, Gudni Th. Johannesson, announced [...]

2017 Annual Morningside College Jazz Festival a Success 2017 Annual Morningside »

(02.14.2017) By Tabitha Storesund -- The 45th annual Morningside College Jazz Festival was held February [...]

Ultimate Werewolf Gives Morningside Students a Chance to Socialize and Relax Ultimate Werewolf Gives »

(2.10.2017) By Jared Martin -- It’s 10:30 pm on a Monday, and twelve people have gathered in the [...]

Morningside People

Morningside College Student »

Morningside College Student Government Executives Propose Change in Senate Size

(02.24.2017) By Rachel Potter -- Morningside College’s Student Government is looking to downgrade its senate size. Student Government currently holds [Read More]


Mustang Baseball Opens Spring Season on Saturday Mustang Baseball »

Ricky Mitchell (2.17.17) By Mitch Kellogg - The returning Great Plains Athletic [...]

Stang Softball Looks to Build on Strong Start Stang Softball »

Coach Jessica Jones-Sitzmann (2.16.17) By Mitch Kellogg - The Lady Stang’s hit the [...]

Mustangs Shoot Well, But Can’t Stop Red Hot Chargers Mustangs Shoot »

(2.16.17) By Blake Meacham - The Morningside men’s basketball team shot a hot 47% from [...]


Lego Batman a Breath of Fresh Air for DC’s Dourest Crusader

Lego Batman a Breath of Fresh Air for DC’s Dourest Crusader

(02.19.2017) By Jared Martin -- Lego Batman sticks the landing as a sequel every bit as fresh and exciting as its predecessor, The Lego Movie, with almost everything that made it great carrying over into a heartfelt, wickedly funny, gloriously animated, and above all else fun sequel. This isn’t just a Lego movie, though: it’s also a Batman [...]

Ten Ideas to Do on Valentine’s Day

Ten Ideas to Do on Valentine’s Day

(02.13.2017) By Kayla Perkins -- Happy Valentine’s Day/Singles Appreciation Day! It’s that time of year again, love is in the air and everyone is cringing at couples making out in public. Or maybe you’re happy for them and support their endeavors, who knows? What about you, what would you like to do today? Here are some [...]

Will Trump Be Trumped?

Will Trump Be Trumped?

President Donald J. Trump (1-23-17) By Mitch Kellogg—On Friday, Donald John Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. This was a day of hope for some, and a day of doom for others. In the days following President Trump’s inauguration, not much has gone according to plan for our new Commander and Chief. The day of [...]