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Tuesday January 17th 2017


Morningside’s Favorite Holiday Music and Movies Morningside’s Favorite »

(12.19.16) By Blake Meacham--It’s that time of the year again for Morningside students. When finals [...]

Finals Week is coming; Take care of yourself Finals Week is coming; Take »

(12.6.16) By Alyssa Nehring--Coming back from Thanksgiving break and jumping right into finals week can [...]

RAs and HAs: Building community one floor at a time RAs and HAs: Building »

By Jaclyn Arens--College is a whole new world for incoming students. Most of them have never shared a [...]

Morningside People

Morningside senior makes his pitch »

Morningside senior makes his pitch

(11.29.16) By Alyssa Nehring--Josh Doering, a senior, recently traveled with the Entrepreneurship Group (E-Group) to Tampa for the Collegiate [Read More]


Mustangs split with Chargers (photos) Mustangs split with »

(Jan. 7, 2017)--The 12th-ranked Morningside women took care of business Saturday, downing [...]

Mustangs at BCU Saturday (photos) Mustangs at BCU »

(Jan. 5, 2017)--The Morningside women (13-5) will take a five-game winning streak across [...]

Women win GPAC »

(11.29.16) By Jaden Lux--The women’s cross country team took home first at the GPAC [...]


SkyView (App Review)

Kayla Perkins--Look to the stars! Well, look to your phone screen, and you will see beyond what the eye can perceive. SkyView is a map to the universe, using GPS and a screen to show information on every star in the sky. Users can look through their screens at the sky and the app will show all the stars, constellations, satellites and planets in [...]

What Would You Do If Trump Was President?

By Derek Krayenhagen--With campaign season in full swing we are getting a glimpse into who may eventually be running our country. This brought forth an interesting question: "what would you do if so and so won the election?” And, in this election cycle, the most talked about candidate is Donald Trump. Trump has been extremely “outgoing,” [...]

Tips on Healthy Eating

By Diane Nguyen--Summer is right around the corner. Everyone is trying to get into shape for swimsuit season. Working out won’t be bad, but this article is going to help you eat healthy. This way you’ll have more energy to go throughout your day and to make you feel like you are making good food decisions. 1. Choose grilled [...]