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Sunday September 25th 2016


Hits leader keeps adding to his total Hits leader keeps adding to »

By Blake Meacham--Every time Jake Lamoreux records a hit for the Morningside baseball team, he sets a new [...]

Baseball goes 3-1; puts gear »

By Blake Meacham--The Morningside Baseball team split two games on Saturday and swept both games on [...]

Baseball season… in the Fall? Baseball season… in the »

By Blake Meacham--The Mustang baseball team is used to starting its Spring season in the middle of [...]

Morningside People

Senior Art Student’s »

By Kayla Perkins--As the school year comes to an end seniors prepare to wrap up their college careers. For some this involves simply meeting with [Read More]


What Would You Do »

By Derek Krayenhagen--With campaign season in full swing we are getting a glimpse into [...]

Where Has the »

By Kayla Samek—Even though many students face a growing pile of projects, papers, and [...]

Morningside Hosts »

By Alyssa Nehring--Palmer Undergraduate Student Research Symposium and Maud Adams Nursing [...]


SkyView (App Review)

Kayla Perkins--Look to the stars! Well, look to your phone screen, and you will see beyond what the eye can perceive. SkyView is a map to the universe, using GPS and a screen to show information on every star in the sky. Users can look through their screens at the sky and the app will show all the stars, constellations, satellites and planets in [...]

What Would You Do If Trump Was President?

By Derek Krayenhagen--With campaign season in full swing we are getting a glimpse into who may eventually be running our country. This brought forth an interesting question: "what would you do if so and so won the election?” And, in this election cycle, the most talked about candidate is Donald Trump. Trump has been extremely “outgoing,” [...]

Tips on Healthy Eating

By Diane Nguyen--Summer is right around the corner. Everyone is trying to get into shape for swimsuit season. Working out won’t be bad, but this article is going to help you eat healthy. This way you’ll have more energy to go throughout your day and to make you feel like you are making good food decisions. 1. Choose grilled [...]