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Thursday April 17th 2014

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Poetry Slam Pictures and Results Poetry Slam Pictures and »

By Amber Burg-- The Mustang Grill dining area got heated with Sigma Tau Delta’s Poetry Slam. The [...]

ODK Honors Convo (photos) ODK Honors Convo (photos) »

Photos by Amber Burg [...]

Honors Convocation Recognizes Morningsiders’ Achievements Honors Convocation Recognizes »

By Hannah Hecht--Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK), Morningside’s upperclassman leadership honor society, put [...]


Cooperwood Takes Home Four Medals »

By Darius Hicks-- Junior Neeia Cooperwood broke two school records and earned a total of four medals during competition at the Sioux City relays this past [Read More]


Is Your Degree Worth It? Is Your Degree »

By Lindsay Martin-- It is a proven fact that people who receive a college degree earn [...]

Don’t Waste Time Counting Calories Don’t Waste »

By Lindsay Martin--Society today is obsessed with appearance. Tabloid headlines share [...]

“Men”terest in Pinterest »

By Natalie Waller--Where did you get that recipe? I love your nails, where did you get [...]


Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions

By Lindsay Martin-- Many Easter traditions have been around for centuries, however most of us are unaware of the origins of these customs; and how modern society has adapted and celebrated this cherished holiday. Although Easter is a religious holiday, the Bible does not mention the bunny that delivers painted eggs on Easter Sunday to [...]

Quick HIIT Workouts

By Katie Copple-- Last week, I introduced you to High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short. One of the latest fitness trends in 2014, HIIT takes working out to a new level. Easy to do on your own or with a group, HIIT can be done almost anywhere and takes little to no equipment. HIIT is one of the new classes featured at the Norm [...]

New Workout Trend: Tabata

New Workout Trend: Tabata

By Katie Copple--Tabata is one of the latest fitness trends in 2014. With little to no equipment needed, you can take your Tabata routine anywhere you go! One of the great things about a Tabata circuit is that you can make it your own and create a workout using exercises that you enjoy doing. A more intense form of HIIT, a typical Tabata [...]