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Saturday April 25th 2015

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Seniors’ Plans After »

By Kayla Perkins—As the semester reaches its final weeks many people are making plans for summer [...]

Senior Spotlight: TyAnn Buddenhagen Senior Spotlight: TyAnn »

By Gabi French—TyAnn Buddenhagen, a senior from Huron, South Dakota, is more than ready to start her [...]

Kim Christopherson – Moving Education Toward the Future Kim Christopherson – Moving »

By Jenni Beaver—Three years ago Morningside psychology professor, Kim Christopherson, was invited to [...]


Champions! »


Congratulations, Ladies. You're the best! [Read More]


Where Are You From Where Are You From »

By Jenni Beaver--A friend of mine posted an article on Facebook that talked about all of [...]

The Man Behind the Open Door The Man Behind the »

By Jenni Beaver—When you walk into Lewis Hall, you’re left staring at a long hallway [...]

Having A Dog While in College Having A Dog While »

By Gabi French—Being in college brings lots of responsibilities. A college student is [...]

Arts & Entertainment

Restaurant Review: Zoup »

Restaurant Review: Zoup

By Taylor Pluim—Zoup is a soup and sandwich restaurant located next to Peachwave on Sergeant Road. Zoup has over a 100 different soup recipes to try, but they go on a rotation so not all of them are available every day. However, there are two kinds available every day [Read More]

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Seniors’ Plans After Graduation

By Kayla Perkins—As the semester reaches its final weeks many people are making plans for summer vacation. However, the senior class is preparing for much more as graduation rapidly approaches. As they reach their final days at Morningside College we have to wonder what they plan to do in the coming years. Some seniors have plans to go on to [...]

Tips For Moving Out of the Dorms

Tips For Moving Out of the Dorms

By Dominique Swanson—As finals approach, the imminent doom of moving out of the dorms is also closing in. While summer being here is always a time to celebrate, the process of moving out is never fun. Here are some tips to make the process go a littler smoother and hopefully avoid wanting to rip your hair out. Prepacking Any amount of [...]

The End of Hidden Hall

The End of Hidden Hall

The big Dimmitt Hall renovation is swiftly approaching and with it will come the end of the famous ‘Hidden Hall.’ Hidden Hall is located on the west side of Dimmitt, which is currently the girl’s side of the building. The nickname is a result of the unusual detachment of the hall from the rest of the building. While all the other halls [...]