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Sunday February 1st 2015

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Student Spotlight Student Spotlight »

By Amber Burg--Morningside College Student Government President, Jack O’Brien, has been involved on [...]

Student Spotlight Student Spotlight »

By Amber Burg—“To me, being a Morningside Mustang means putting forth a good attitude, going above [...]

Around the World and Back: An Experience Abroad Around the World and Back: An »

By Jenni Beaver-- Leslie Werden, professor of writing and rhetoric, and her three sons, Walter, Owen, and [...]


Men’s VB wins opener (photos) »

Men’s VB wins opener (photos)

Morningside's men's volleyball team won its first contest 3-1 over Culver Stockton Jan. 10. It was also the team's initial win in the NAIA North [Read More]


Having A Dog While in College Having A Dog While »

By Gabi French—Being in college brings lots of responsibilities. A college student is [...]

My First Experience with CrossFit My First Experience »

By Katie Copple-- Working at a fitness center, I’ve always been intrigued by different [...]

Thoughts of a Senior without a Post-Grad Plan Thoughts of a »

By Hannah Severson-- Many of my friends have the rest of their life planned out and know [...]


Presence in a Relationship

Presence in a Relationship

By Gabi French—Did you know it’s very possible for a wife to leave her husband, even if she is madly in love? The reason being, their lack of presence. It’s one of the most over-looked reasons why women leave their husbands. A woman wants her husband present more than anything in life. Even if it is for just five minutes a day, giving her [...]

Jianna Hoss: College Graduate and World Traveler

Jianna Hoss: College Graduate and World Traveler

By Jenni Beaver—For Jianna Hoss traveling isn’t about the expensive flights, heavy luggage, and angry travelers. For her, traveling is about enjoying every moment, soaking it all in, and understanding what it means to live each moment like it’s your last. In 2011, Hoss traveled outside of the country for the first time. She got on a plane [...]

On campus or off? Students evaluate housing options

By Alex Struck--Every single student must make the decision at some point in his or her college career to live on-campus or off-campus. Students have differing viewpoints on the whole housing ordeal. There are those that would rather live on-campus, those that would rather live off-campus, and those that could go either way. Steven Husk, a [...]