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Friday February 15th 2019

Arts & Entertainment

Roma: A Tale of Life and »

by Abby Koch--Foreign films have never made a big splash with audiences until this year with Roma. Roma [...]

Sophomore Review in Progress Sophomore Review in Progress »

By Tracie Tuttle--Over the past few weeks, 2nd-year art students learned what it’s like to present [...]

Slam Poet Talks Mental »

By Lindsey Smith--Neil Hilborn, a popular slam poet and author, took to the stage Thursday night to share [...]


Mustang men end season undefeated »

Mustang men end season undefeated at home

by Sirkevius Williams--Morningside men's basketball team rolled over the Briar Cliff Chargers 97-79 Saturday (2.9) to finish out the 2018-19 home schedule [Read More]

Morningside People

Cross Country, Mumm, Graduates with Biology Major Cross Country, »

photo by Mike Byrnes by Jesseca Ormond- Michelle Mumm is a part of both the cross [...]

Meinen, the Professional Band Kid. Meinen, the »

  by Jesseca Ormond - Tara Meinen chose Morningside College to study [...]

Christina Vázquez is ODK’s Leader of the Year Christina Vázquez »

by Maggie Ganley – Omicron Delta Kappa, an upperclassmen honor society on campus, [...]


Netflix Losing College Students Over Rising Prices

Netflix Losing College Students Over Rising Prices

By Iandra Estupinian--As of 2019, the famous streaming service, Netflix, has raised its prices for new and current members. Netflix raised the prices roughly by two to three dollars making its highest-paying service $15.99 and its lowest $8.99. Netflix has explained to its members that the increased pricing is due to the company needing [...]

Art Show Superstar

Art Show Superstar

By Abby Koch--She zigs! She zags! This girl is making moves that we can’t even handle! And just like that, this girl has created the perfect masterpiece! Oh, the inspiration from the Bauhaus movement! Artists don’t exactly make the most exciting plays when it comes to creating art. Our moves come in the form of cursing when we mix the [...]

Don’t Count Out the Commuter

By Abby Koch--It wasn’t my first choice to be a commuter. I wanted the same college experience that every other college kid wants. That American dream of walking into the dorms with your new best friend waiting for you and the first time being free from your parents. This dream was one of the major things I was looking for in a college. An [...]