College Football Playoffs Expansion

In this article, Alan Blinder talks about the thought of college football expanding their playoffs to more teams. This comes from previously only having 4 teams in the playoffs to possibly 12 teams. They say there’s no guarantee but the thought of it is ultimately going to change. 

This not only would allow their to be more football to watch, but college football would make a tin of money from this. The article explains how almost every team is in favor for the expansion so it’s possible for it to happen. 

I think the audience the author is trying to talk to here are any college football fans. He’s trying to get out to them the talk about the college football playoffs. Honestly I think the author did a good job explaining what the situation was and some interesting facts during it as well. He explained the money that would be gained and the teams perspectives as well. This was a good article for college football fans.